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    Proof again that they can't think straight.

    To equate a prayer with immorality is the height of stupidity and ignorance.

    The ACLU is a very un-American institution, whose "lofty" goals include chasing religion behind closed doors in pursuit of a socialist America.

    Don't believe that do ya'?

    In socialism religion is considered a "quaint notion" and a backwards way of thinking. In a socialist society the only moral question one should ask themselves is "Does this harm the state?". The overriding ethic and moral concern in socialism is the state, regardless of what socialists may say about socialist states taking care of everyone in that society, and the proof is in the pudding of euthanasia of "imperfect children" and the elderly and infirm in parts of europe. This very cause got a great shot in the arm with the Terri Schindler tragedy.

    In a socialist state those that cannot contribute are considered a drain on society, and getting rid of them, no matter what language you couch it in, is an immoral action.

    That is why the ACLU fights so hard to chase religion behind closed doors and label anyone that dares speak out with arguments based in a moral code as "religious fanatics" and then claim to "protect" our civil liberties from "the bible thumpers".

    Anytime a blatant contradiction such as calling a prayer immoral is not taken to task we all lose another small bit of ground in the fight against socialism and the loss of our nations soul.
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