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    While talking to a liberal friend about the attempted murder of Grandmama she said "Well, something needs to be done, we have people living longer and longer and maybe healthcare should be allocated better."

    My jaw dropped, only to shoot straight back up as I responded, "Well, then you get into who lives and who dies and who decides, one person lives because their family has money but the poor people die, and that sounds like discrimination to me, and I only discriminate against the stupid."

    I followed that up with:

    "But I can see it now, we start with the terminally ill, move on to the old, then the infirm, finally ending up at "I'm so sorry, but you are mentally retarded and our perfect yet resource-stretched society doesn't need your useless ass sucking up good air and clean water, so we're just gonna lock you in this room and sedate the hell out of you and let you die a "natural death" because we're good people and we would never put you to sleep like a dog."

    She got quiet. As my words sank in she snapped "Dammit Kender, I can't rebut that and your logic always puts me in a corner."

    "See why I need to be on the air?" I asked.

    Another lib'rul friend I called today to ask if maybe she would sit in on the show sometime as a counter balance refused the invite, reminding me that my argument about illegal immigrants had her angry for an hour. She said "I can't debate you off the cuff, you get me flustered and I don't know what to say."

    Yeah, I can be like that.

    I am salivating at the prospect of taking libs to task....IF they have the balls to call in.....I am hopeful, but realistically I don't expect them to call the show.
    Every lib I know can write a good argument and toss out facts all day long in defense of their position, but put them on the spot verbally and they get defensive and mean.

    I guess that proves the old adage that "The TRUTH Hurts".
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