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    So instead I will give some random thoughts running through my head.....

    Someday I would like the democrats of the country, the real American democrats, to take back the party from the socialist pigdogs that are currently running it into the ground.

    Some of the lefty bloggers I deal with make me laugh.....alot. Especially when they think they are making me angry. What they don't understand is I absolutely LIVE to piss people off.

    People that hate war simply because "It is bad to kill people" make me sick. Everyone of them are pussies that would not lift one finger to defend themselves or the ones they love.

    We have the most awesome military on the planet since the Roman Legions, in terms of sheer power and level of training when compared to what else is out there currently.

    My little bro C. is on his way to iraq....with a new digicam and a bucket full of whupass.....he's with psy-ops.....and I am so jealous.

    The ACLU SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Moonbats are like fish.......not real smart even though alot of them have lived in schools....rather slimy and they tend to smell after a couple of is fun to try to catch them with bait and you will be amazed at what stupid bait they will take too........and they're a great brain food.

    We should make it harder to be a lawyer.........we have too many as it is....and unlike when you have too many mechanics that must find other work because there are only so many broke down cars, lawyers can make their own work.....that is just as bad as Congress being able to vote for their own pay raises.

    I think that the blog group I am a proud member of, The Wide Awakes, is an awesome group of people. We are like a family....maybe even a mafia family....only without the scads of money.....cross us and pay.

    I have absolutely no respect for, nor love of, the french......they have given the world alot of good things.....but they sold their soul in the name of appeasement and socialism.

    Unlike the old saying about "native Americans" that was NOT true about them, the saying twisted around is now very true, "The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist"....and if you argue that point remember that these guys are RELIGIOUS FANATICS and would rather die than be peaceful....unless they are being peaceful in a world of islam only.

    People that will not fight for their freedom don't deserve it.

    People that hate guns will one day look down the barrel of one and know what helplessness truly least if you look down the barrel of one and have one pointing back there is a feeling of possibility.

    Does the term "moonbat" in french sound sexy?

    I heard a guy say "You smell like a pig in a sour mudhole" in french and it sounded cool.

    "Yo tengo arroz con pollo en mi zapatos amarillos" is my favorite thing to say in spanish....if you yell it out everyone knows you are angry but those that understand it laugh.....if you say it slow and quiet it sounds very sexy. There is a story behind this whole language bit.

    I'd bet "I surrender" rolls off of french tongues like stink from a frenchman.....quickly and there is no mistaking either one.

    Moonbats suck too.

    ACLU moonbats suck even worse.

    french blooded aclu moonbats suck even worse than that.

    Socialist french blooded aclu loving pacifist moonbats suck the most.....
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