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    Press Release from The ACLU:

    "ACLU Seeks to Hold U.S. Government to Universal Standards of Human Rights"

    Too bad Saudi Arabia doesn't have a version of our ACLU....I am sure the Saud Family would be under attack for the way that country is run also. You know, ever since America started beheading criminals in town squares across the country like Saudi Arabia The ACLU and Amnesty International have been riding our....What?

    Excuse me folks my fact checker is yelling something from the dungeon I keep her in.....Whaddya mean we don't behead criminals in the street? OK...

    Never mind that folks, apparently the U.S. is NOT beheading criminals.

    Well then, is my face red. One sec....brb...checking facts again....

    OK, after extensive consultation with my fact checker I have found that the ACLU, for some unknown reason have decided to try their hands at diplomacy overseas, supposedly representing you, the American citizen, with a group of lawyers that went to Geneva for the UN Human Rights Commissions meeting, asking that questionable and impotent group to "address the abuse and torture of prisoners by the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq, and at other U.S.-controlled detention centers".

    I see. Apparently the ACLU has run out of things to complain about here in the good old U.S. of A. and has taken their rabid dog and lame pony show on the road. Personally if I were in charge I would "lose" those lawyers' computer records regarding citizenship, or put them on the "No Fly List" once they made it to Geneva, buit that is just me.

    You will notice that in this instance teh ACLU has taken up the fight for terrorists. Really. Who do you think is in these "detention centers" in Afghanistan and Iraq?

    Here is one small example of how the ACLU fights against America in our war on terrorism.

    "Jamil Dakwar, a senior human rights attorney with the ACLU said "No country is above the law, and the United States should not be permitted to violate fundamental human rights in the name of national security."

    Extrapolate that....stretch it out to its' logical conclusion. Terrorists have nothing to fear if the US manages to capture them because the UN and the ACLU will protect their "human rights". So if you are a terrorist and you get captured just deny everything. Claim you are a poor taxi driver and know nothing, because if the UN and ACLU have their way extracting information from hardened criminals that will lie if caught won't be allowed.

    Can the UN and the ACLU think of a better way to garner the information that may stave off another attack on American soil and save American lives?

    No. They would have us handle everyone with kid gloves and be all lovey dovey in the name of "human rights'.

    Let me tell you something. Terrorists, even suspected terrorists, gave up their "human rights" the moment they joined up with the islamofacists.

    The UN and ACLU would have you believe that the US is out gathering up huge groups just because they look like terrorists and slamming bamboo shoots under their fingernails.

    These are the same people that are against racial profiling. To them if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck you shouldn't pay any more attention to it if you are duck hunting bacause it may actually be a dove, and better safe than sorry is not in their vocabulary.

    Here are some choice bits for you to chew on:

    Citing serious violations of fundamental human rights, the ACLU makes several urgent recommendations to the Commission on Human Rights, including:

    A reaffirmation of the absolute prohibition of all forms of torture and a reaffirmation that no circumstance whatsoever may justify the violation of this principle;

    Don't you just love how they make it sound as if the U.S. has made a PR campaign stating "Torture is Great, grab an arab and a stick today!!!!"

    A global call upon the United States to take effective measures to prevent acts of torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment in all places under its jurisdiction and control, to ensure that all acts are thoroughly and impartially investigated, and to hold accountable those officials who encouraged or sanctioned such acts;

    I agree with this statement. Especially the part that says "under its jurisdiction and control"......We are doing that, and are in the process of expanding our "jurisdiction and control"....just what does everyone think we are in Iraq for? Stopping torture, while just one of those reasons we went in the first place, is certainly a reason to expand our "jursidiction and control", even by military means. You would think the UN and ACLU would be happy we got saddam out of power and have stopped his murderous rampage of thirty years. Have we gotten even onen thank you from them?


    It continues:

    Support for the request that the United States permit U.N. human rights experts and monitors to "visit, together and at the earliest possible date, those persons arrested, detained or tried on grounds of alleged terrorism or other violation in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Guantanamo Bay military base and elsewhere.

    Nope, that's OK..the Red Cross already does that I believe, and if they don't then good.....the red cross has no business being in places where our military has "detainees" under interrogation anyway, and make no mistake about this latest assault by the fervent communist/socialist hellbent lawdogs of the ACLU, this is an assault on our military.

    The ACLU and Human Rights First have filed a lawsuit against Rumsfeld, as some of you may remember, and if the world court had the jusrisdiction they truly want then not only Rumsfeld but the soldiers involved in the Grab An Arab Prison fiasco would be brought up on charges in front of the world court, and the ACLU would not then, as they don't now, recognize the rights of our military men under our laws, giving preference to "international law".

    Mark my words friends. Within five to ten years the ACLU will not give one whit about any right you have unless it is also covered under international law as enforced by the UN.

    Here's a great bit from that article"

    The ACLU recently created a new Human Rights Working Group specifically dedicated to holding the U.S. government accountable to universally recognized human rights principles. The Human Rights Working Group is charged with incorporating international human rights strategies into ACLU advocacy on issues relating to national security, immigrants’ rights, women’s rights, and racial justice.

    Let's take a glance at the ACLU stances on a couple of those subjects.

    NATIONAL SECURITY: The ACLU is against stopping illegal immigration and securing the borders.

    IMMIGRANTS RIGHTS: The ACLU believes that criminals that sneak into America, (illegal aliens) should have the same rights as the native and legal citizens of this country.

    Again, the ACLU has shown themselves to be on the wrong side of an issue that affects Americas' National Security.

    Does this surprise anyone?

    Crossposted at StoptheACLU
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