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    FORT BRAGG, N.C. Apr 28, 2005 — A military jury sentenced a soldier to death Thursday for a grenade and rifle attack on his own comrades during the opening days of the Iraq invasion, a barrage that killed two officers and that prosecutors said was driven by religious extremism.
    This man, an United States Soldier with the 101st Airborne rolled a grenade into the tent of his sleeping comrades, killing Army Capt. Chris Seifert, 27, and Air Force Maj. Gregory Stone, 40.

    He will be put to death by lethal injection, simply going to sleep, fading away with the sure knowledge that his life is forfeit and it is solely his actions and his adherence to 8th century beliefs that brought him to that end.

    He will fade away and then, while he is unconscious he will receive a lethal injection of drugs to cause his lungs to stop working and his heart to quit beating.

    He will die a peaceful death, his end moments known about and planned for in advance, with a chance to tell his loved ones how much he loves them and how sorry he is that his life must end this way. He will get a last meal. He will get his last prayers.

    He will, in short, get the chance to do the things that Capt. Siefert and Major Stone did not get a chance to do.

    Decency calls for all of those things to be done.

    Decency calls for him to get his last meal, his last prayer and his final goodbyes.

    Decency does NOT call for him be put to death like that.

    He should be put to death...but not by lethal injection...oh no....that is the easy way out.....he didn't kill by lethal injection....he killed by put him to death teh same way!!!

    He should be put to death by grenade...strap him to a cot and roll it under him....let him hear what those soldiers didn't hear....the sound of that grenade rolling towards him, spelling his demise....let him feel the terror of knowing his death has just been unleashed upon him and let him quiver in fear as he hears the metal skittering across the floor.

    Let his muscles tense up as time draws out and slows down while his breathing is loud in his ears.

    Let his heart quicken as his brain tells his body to flee...that his death is there, rolling across the floor, getting louder with each successive click and clank of the grenade casing that will be shredding his murderous body in mere seconds.

    Let the adrenaline pump through him, bringing the most acute sensations of life into every buzzing nerve ending as he awaits the sound that hopefully registers ever so clearly in his ears before his torso is shredded and his consciousness flees him forever.

    Let him die like the cowardly dog that he is, straining against the clamps that bind him fast to his cot, holding him to his justice.

    Let him lie there with his life blood flowing out and hopefully his consciousness stays long enough that he feels the pain of his torn body...long enough that his vision fades to blackness and that he has the awful realization that his belief in Allah and the wrongful adherence to True Islam is about to be sorely tested.

    Long enough for him to truly feel remorse for his actions and to curse the very name of mohammad for leading so many down the path of darkness...down the path of death...down the hopeless path away from peace and light.

    Let that be the way he dies.

    But for the sake of Justice don't just let him go to sleep.
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