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    So I have been looking for some old friends. Finally found them (the internet is amazing) and am back in touch with them. She is doing well and her daughter is so grown up and amazingly talented. She's a cutie too. Gonna be trouble now that the guys are poking around too. So I am heading to hang out for a day or two with them, maybe try ice skating again and will be off line for a couple of days it looks like. Hope you guys have a great new years. See ya' next year. (unless I come up with something important to say)
    The Christ was born this sacred day
    Rejoice hallelujah
    The bells ring out and angels wing
    Rejoice hallelujah
    The choirs voice of Seraphim
    Rejoice hallelujah
    Sing to His Glory the King of Kings
    Rejoice hallelujah

    and this one:

    Raise a glass my dear old friends
    Raise a toast on high
    For Our holy day is here at last
    Christmas Day is nigh
    The day of our own saviors birth
    Redemptions promise born
    Our lives are now made whole again
    Our souls no longer torn
    Everlasting life is ours
    Birthed upon a cross
    While in this life we may know death
    It’s not the final loss
    His life He gave so you may live
    No greater love can be
    Accept that love with open arms
    And heaven you will see
    “Does love exist?” asked the wizened old man
    who sat at the bar next to me
    “I love this beer” I quickly shot back
    “What other love could there be?”
    “The love” he says “that grabs your heart.
    The kind that won’t let go
    A love that passes on thru death
    And lives forever you know”
    Says I “that love lives not in this world friend,
    I’m certain it is gone”
    “Then come with me” the old man bade
    “We won’t be gone too long”
    He walked me thru the baby ward
    where a mother held her new child
    And in her eyes I saw a pure love
    which I knew would last more than awhile
    He took me to the mission inn
    where homeless go to eat
    The serving man behind the counter
    had rags wrapped round his feet
    “Old man” I said “should you not be
    the one receiving this fare?”
    He smiled a mostly toothless grin
    and said “look over there”
    I looked to where his ladle showed
    a family huddled close
    With their meals laid out in front of them
    offering up a toast
    “To God” they said,
    “as He provides for those who need the aid”
    To men who help with rag wrapped feet
    his thanks he simply bade
    Next we went to the grave yard where
    an old widow knelt in the dirt
    Cleaning the stone laid atop her dear mate
    even though her aged knees surely hurt…
    He took me aside to a mountaintop
    where three crosses stood side by side
    And showed me the spot on Jerusalems soil
    where for all our sins He did die…
    “You see the love that burns beyond our petty lives,
    you cannot deny its flame”
    And in the shadow of that cross
    I hung my head in shame…
    The love that burns brightest is the hardest to grab, its for this love He did die…
    And I saw the love burn
    and I felt my redemption
    And in the bright darkness I cried….

    Merry Christmas. May God hold you in the palm of his hand. And to all our soldiers not able to make it home this season (snaks this one is for you) Thank you.
    goes out...cuz it aint me shoveling snow....everything happens for a reason....
    It's snowing the desert...been snowing since about dawn and gonna keep on for many many more hours....take your global warming and shove it ya lying sack...
    The last time I lived in this damnable desert here's what I got in November;

    Now I wake up to this;

    Only four days to Solstice....can't wait for summer....
    I watched you walk away today
    To go back to his arms
    Our time here is so fleeting now
    We must not raise alarms
    But one day soon the time will come
    When you can run away
    And I’ll be waiting for your love
    Just as I was today

    This one is completely her fault....I think

    Hearts Revival

    He sat alone within the crowd
    Which wandered past his chair
    He felt invisible to all
    Seeming not to care
    He sat alone within the crowd
    Which bustled gaily by
    To watch the world over his cup
    While letting his soul die
    Most e’ery day ‘twas just like this
    He sat alone to see
    The never-ending mumbling mass
    Of rank humanity
    His soul was black within his chest
    His heart was full of dread
    With every dawn his anger grew
    At not waking up dead
    He barely noticed those who passed
    Until one fateful day
    She wandered lithely into view
    Bathed in the suns soft ray
    She did what others had not dared
    She stopped and saw him there
    While staring deep into his eyes
    His senses screamed beware
    Those smoky eyes, her intense gaze
    Could be a deadly thing
    But not for him he understood
    His heart did not love sing
    She wandered o’er gracefully
    To sit across his bench
    Gently asking him his name
    His answer made her flinch
    I am the death of love, he claimed
    I steal away the soul
    Of women who consort with me
    My heart is made of coal
    Then come with me she bade of him
    I see the lie within
    Your heart lives still and craves the love
    Denial is a sin
    Against his will, he took her hand
    Standing straight and tall
    Following those swaying hips
    His facade began to fall
    She led him to her quiet room
    While bolting up the door
    She slowly let her clothing drop
    Upon the bare wood floor
    She smiled shyly as she asked
    If he would do the same
    His hands they shook as once again
    He played the timeless game
    The love they shared within her bed
    Was gentle, deep and true
    Time now passed as only time
    Wrapped up in love can do
    Many years have passed along
    Since that lass noticed me
    A truer love I know for sure
    Was never, nor could be
    So watch the world walk by I say
    Watch closely as they pass
    You never know when one will come
    To prove the perfect lass
    She walks along
    Alone upon
    The quiet midnight streets
    She smiles at
    The strangers who
    By chance she sweetly meets
    She walks alone
    The whole dark night
    Lost in her reverie
    She speaks to ghosts
    Locked in her heart
    Of things which cannot be
    She hears the whispers
    Of the past
    Echo within her mind
    With hope she can
    Go back again
    Her happiness to find
    Those lost to her
    Speak gentle words
    Of love and brighter days
    She walks alone
    On darkened streets
    Locked in her minds dark ways
    Your eyes say watch me
    Your lips say kiss me
    Your hands say hold me
    Your words say miss me
    I felt like reposting this. My friend Brian Travis has a new CD coming out in a couple of months and I have the honor of being of being on of the few select people receiving previews of the newly remastered songs. Tidal Wave is the first one of that bunch, and is simply a very fitting song, given recent history and I felt it needed reposting. I plan on interviewing BT soon.

    I think in the spirit of today I will dedicate this song. The person who it is dedicated to will know it is for them.

    Sitting in the sun
    Ya' been wasting all the water in the well
    Ya let the meter run
    Ya been running outta time
    That ya can't afford to sell
    Once you fell from grace
    Can you almost see your face
    Can you almost taste the bittersweet salt water
    Of that tidal wave?
    All the sand beneath your feet
    It took a billion years to complete
    That hour that you spent
    Blowing all you had
    In a relative instance
    Yeah once you fell from grace
    Can you almost see your face
    Can you almost taste the bittersweet salt water
    Of that tidal wave?
    Carefully they'll wash your dreams away
    destroy all that you made
    turn your castles into sand
    disrupt all of your plans
    you're not careful its not long before
    you're treading water far from shore
    Now you're sinking low
    You've been thinking about
    all the things you're letting go
    Made a big mistake this time
    all that matters now
    Is whatcha gonna do with the rest of your life?
    Now you can't replace, recapture or erase
    mistakes were made and now there's only music left to face
    Once you fell from grace and there's still dreams for you to chase
    Can you almost taste the bittersweet saltwater
    Can you almost taste the bittersweet saltwater
    Of that tidal wave
    I adore your gentle hands
    The way your cheeks do flush
    When words are whispered in your ear
    That make you fiercely blush
    Shudders course through my dark soul
    Whenever you draw near
    As soft caresses from sweet lips
    Allay my raging fear
    Your arms encircle chasing off
    The ghosts which haunt my heart
    While quiet words of tenderness
    Heal what once was torn apart
    Your tender eyes which hide such pain
    Confront my hesitation
    Within those eyes I see such hope
    They melt my reservation
    My redemption have you brought
    With words and gestures bold
    My muse you have saved my life from
    A death in bitter cold

    So all the gays are gonna take the day off and go volunteer to show how vital they are to society.

    In other words we get a day without pretentious snots bitching about window treatments and making snide comments about "breeders." We get a day without, what? waiters....interior decorators....male hair stylists (not that a man would know about that since we get our hair cut at a real barber shop, the kind that have nudie mags on the back tables)....maitre d's....I guess West Hollywood will come to a screeching stop.

    The best part about the day without a gay is we wont have to listen to Ryan Seacrest babble on about shit.

    Now at least these guys are doing something good. They are going to take the day and go do charity work. Not like when we had a Day Without an Illegal when they all marched in the streets and shut down traffic. At least the gay folks are gonna go do some charity work but it makes me wonder...just how many poverty stricken people need their house decorated anyway?
    "You have made your bed" is a phrase recurring in my life a lot lately.

    It applies to the country voting in Obama. It applies to someone I know.

    As for the country I will do what I can to help fix it.

    As to that person, I have done what I can, choices were made and I will always regret what has happened.

    Someday I hope to look back on this time and be able to say "I helped fix that" and "I am glad things are right again."
    I am gonna take a break. No blogging for a few FB, no twitter, no checking stats, email or anything else....I am gonna turn off this computer for awhile and find my head....and the other parts of my I seem to have misplaced.
    I can't say it any better than this.

    Time in a Bottle

    If I could save time in a bottle
    The first thing that Id like to do
    Is to save every day
    Till eternity passes away
    Just to spend them with you

    If I could make days last forever
    If words could make wishes come true
    Id save every day like a treasure and then,
    Again, I would spend them with you

    But there never seems to be enough time
    To do the things you want to do
    Once you find them
    Ive looked around enough to know
    That youre the one I want to go
    Through time with

    If I had a box just for wishes
    And dreams that had never come true
    The box would be empty
    Except for the memory
    Of how they were answered by you

    But there never seems to be enough time
    To do the things you want to do
    Once you find them
    Ive looked around enough to know
    That youre the one I want to go
    Through time with
    So life is intensely complicated right now. I find myself in a relationship beset by problems. Hiding ones activities from someone is not something that lends itself to having an easy and enjoyable relationship. Only being able to be someones friend openly for short bursts at certain times in certain places makes for a kind of stress that is both intense and exciting, while being draining and aggravating.

    Hopefully this can all change by summer at latest.
    First off I want to say thank you so kindly to all who have posted on my wall on facebook (and other places, you know who you are and I am tired of cleaning those comments off of my own bathroom wall) the barrage of well wishes. Today I turn 40. Not a great accomplishment for most. Given that at two and a half years old I was given less than a week to live, I would say 40 is, indeed, one hell of an accomplishment.

    Though I am beset what some call major health issues, they never stop me. I hate whiny crybabies who let minor things set them back or keep them from living life as fully as they possibly can and I refuse to be one.

    To my old friends, from faire, sfvrc, SPR, WAR, TWA and staclu; thank you for standing by me as you have. You never let me down, never let me quit and have always been there when I needed you most. I hope I have returned the favor when needed.

    To the new ones who have been appearing in droves (facebook and twitter are from HELL I tell you) may this be the start of many years of great friendship, hearty laughs and shared adventures.

    God Bless you all, and thank you. Now as my gift to you, a bit of doggerel;

    For four decades I've trod these boards
    Forty years behind this mask
    Polite applause, no booing please, a rose is all I ask
    For forty years I've been surprised at what life had in store
    So here's to watching life unfold
    At least for forty more
    I live in the land of sunshine and chicks
    Of finely made cleavage and movie star dicks
    The city it stretches for many a mile
    Drive all day long see a thousand fake smiles
    From the coast to the mountains it lies like a scar
    Where you must ride the bus if you aint got a car
    It is peopled with folks from all o'er the place
    Of every creed, every country and every race
    We got bums who were stars and stars who were bums
    Out here enough money turns rivals to chums
    We claim the Car Culture and we give you the shows
    With weekly cliffhangers to keep you on your toes
    We have stars on our sidewalks and pie in the sky
    Where a deal is a deal is a deal is a lie
    We've got earthquakes and mudslides and large forest fires
    You can't hear birds singing for the squeal of the tires
    But I wouldn't trade any of this home of mine
    From the mountains to seaside she looks mighty fine
    From the shores of Redondo on up to the Valley
    I love living in this strange place We call Cali
    The media empire that is...

    The election of Barack Obama was supposed to save the country, cause all of those other countries who spend an inordinate amount of time hating the U.S to love us (even when it was the U.S. which allowed them the ability to be free enough to do so) and usher in an age of "kumbuyah, let's all hold hands and dance around the altar of no more war" bullshit.

    Sixty three million people in the U.S. stuck their heads right up their ass and voted for obama's "hope" and "change" and now we have proof of the vapidity of the folks who honestly, really thought if we just elected obama their kumbuy-fucking-yah dreams would coalesce.

    PMSNBC daytime anchor Alex witt actually said this;

    "you certainly can't expect things to change on a dime overnight....There had been such a global outpouring of affection, respect, hope, with the new administration coming in, that precisely these kinds of attacks, it was thought -- at least hoped -- would be dampered down. But in this case it looks like Barack Obama is getting a preview of things to come."

    Now what kind of a retarded, deluded dumbass must one be to actually BELIEVE something as profoundly stupid as the election of barack obama is going to end terror attacks? Second, how in the hell does someone who is so blatantly an utter fucking moron secure a job on a news sho...oh it.

    To all of you who actually hobbled down to the polls on the 4th of november to cast your ballot for the obamessiah, here's fair warning that the "I Told You So, DUMBASS Cluebat of Truth and Mockery" is going to be used liberally (pun completely intentional) for at least the next four years. If you wish to avoid the beatings email me and I will send you a Silica Umbilcus which will once again allow you to see the world and maybe, just maybe, not have such delusions of epic proportions.
    Well that's great cuz I love t-ball.

    Fucking LUH-oooozeER!!!