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    I felt like reposting this. My friend Brian Travis has a new CD coming out in a couple of months and I have the honor of being of being on of the few select people receiving previews of the newly remastered songs. Tidal Wave is the first one of that bunch, and is simply a very fitting song, given recent history and I felt it needed reposting. I plan on interviewing BT soon.

    I think in the spirit of today I will dedicate this song. The person who it is dedicated to will know it is for them.

    Sitting in the sun
    Ya' been wasting all the water in the well
    Ya let the meter run
    Ya been running outta time
    That ya can't afford to sell
    Once you fell from grace
    Can you almost see your face
    Can you almost taste the bittersweet salt water
    Of that tidal wave?
    All the sand beneath your feet
    It took a billion years to complete
    That hour that you spent
    Blowing all you had
    In a relative instance
    Yeah once you fell from grace
    Can you almost see your face
    Can you almost taste the bittersweet salt water
    Of that tidal wave?
    Carefully they'll wash your dreams away
    destroy all that you made
    turn your castles into sand
    disrupt all of your plans
    you're not careful its not long before
    you're treading water far from shore
    Now you're sinking low
    You've been thinking about
    all the things you're letting go
    Made a big mistake this time
    all that matters now
    Is whatcha gonna do with the rest of your life?
    Now you can't replace, recapture or erase
    mistakes were made and now there's only music left to face
    Once you fell from grace and there's still dreams for you to chase
    Can you almost taste the bittersweet saltwater
    Can you almost taste the bittersweet saltwater
    Of that tidal wave
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