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    The election of Barack Obama was supposed to save the country, cause all of those other countries who spend an inordinate amount of time hating the U.S to love us (even when it was the U.S. which allowed them the ability to be free enough to do so) and usher in an age of "kumbuyah, let's all hold hands and dance around the altar of no more war" bullshit.

    Sixty three million people in the U.S. stuck their heads right up their ass and voted for obama's "hope" and "change" and now we have proof of the vapidity of the folks who honestly, really thought if we just elected obama their kumbuy-fucking-yah dreams would coalesce.

    PMSNBC daytime anchor Alex witt actually said this;

    "you certainly can't expect things to change on a dime overnight....There had been such a global outpouring of affection, respect, hope, with the new administration coming in, that precisely these kinds of attacks, it was thought -- at least hoped -- would be dampered down. But in this case it looks like Barack Obama is getting a preview of things to come."

    Now what kind of a retarded, deluded dumbass must one be to actually BELIEVE something as profoundly stupid as the election of barack obama is going to end terror attacks? Second, how in the hell does someone who is so blatantly an utter fucking moron secure a job on a news sho...oh it.

    To all of you who actually hobbled down to the polls on the 4th of november to cast your ballot for the obamessiah, here's fair warning that the "I Told You So, DUMBASS Cluebat of Truth and Mockery" is going to be used liberally (pun completely intentional) for at least the next four years. If you wish to avoid the beatings email me and I will send you a Silica Umbilcus which will once again allow you to see the world and maybe, just maybe, not have such delusions of epic proportions.
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