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    New York City banned trans fats, California follows suit and the word is most bio-diesel is made from oil used for deep frying.

    It's not entirely clear how this change might affect the green car community members who interact the most with restaurant oil: biodiesel homebrewers. We can take a guess, though, by reading the Sept/Oct issue of U.S. Canola Digest, the official publication of the U.S. Canola Association and Northern Canola Growers Association. The magazine has a good article on high-stability canola oil, which contains no trans fats. For us, the important thing to take away from the article is that this healthier, trans fat free oil has a longer frying life (see chart after the jump) and therefore will not be replaced as often. As Katie Hagen writes, the oil's extended fry life is more than twice that of traditional canola oil. This means that restaurants managers who decide to switch will be able to offer less waste oil for homebrewers.

    Save lives and steal freedom by regulating what people eat, help destroy the planet by making it harder for people to use recycled oil as fuel.....hhhmmmm....decisions decisions...
    The Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) has vowed in a video message released on the internet to attack the Olympic games set to start on August 8th in Beijing.

    They claim responsibility for attacks recently in Yunnan Province but police there have doubts. Something these idiots aren't taking into account is the Chinese government is not very kind to dissidents of any stripe and there is no such a beast as due process in China.

    So my advice to these guys in keep feeding the bear. When the Chinese government catches up to you we will never hear about it. You will simply disappear in the middle of the night and you family will eventually get a bill for the bullet.
    If Barack Obama manages to become President will the simple fact of his holding office violate the separation clause? Before the reader scoffs give me a minute or three and I will explain myself. Even though the separation of church and state is not actually, in those words, anywhere in the Constitution the premise of the government being separate from religion is very well ensconced in our society. What the Constitution actually says is the government shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. It means there is to be no state sponsored religion. They can’t back one religion over another, or prop one up with public monies.

    The separation clause, as it exists, comes from a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists in 1802 discussing the combined effect of the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. It has been quoted in several Supreme Court opinions through the years. It is a legal and political principle and one that has, coincidentally, been abused by the ACLU and activist judges but that’s a story for another day. Suffice it to say that the government cannot make a law that respects an establishment of religion.

    Keep that in mind. Later on in this article it comes into play and there will be a test.

    Ask any supporter of Obama why he should be President and they will respond with empty rhetoric about change and hope. They will claim Obama will heal the rifts in the country. Forget about the fact of the rift being between those who love and defend true freedom and those who push an agenda of socialism. The only way it can be healed is for one side or the other to put down, once and for all, the other side. The rift can only be “healed” one way. If the left wins, i.e. socialists, the rift will be beaten into silence and the population spoon fed lies for all eternity. If the right wins there will be no rift, as the rift that exists now will have healed over when people realize that socialism is a dead end philosophy and reject it out of hand, thereby healing the country with common sense and freedom.

    If socialism wins the rift becomes a scar. If freedom wins the rift will heal. It’s as simple as that.

    However if Obama does become our next President I put forth the idea that he violates the separation clause. Those that follow Obama and support his candidacy cannot point out any factual way he will change anything save place higher taxes on “the rich.” His entire campaign is a faith based initiative. Given the well established separation of church and state thing, if Obama become President we will have the de facto head of a faith based organization as head of state. Given Obama’s standing as head of this faith based group and the fact that his entire campaign is faith based wouldn’t Obama’s every act become a religious edict?

    If that comes to pass we will have a national religion. Religious bigotry will be the basis of every decision President Obama makes. Every action he undertakes will be considered Holy. Every utterance could become new scripture. Newspapers and magazines would no longer just be published pieces of news and gossip but religious tomes. Throwing one out may very well be considered heresy. Every news show covering politics would be considered a religious program.

    Tax revenues would then go down as every media outlet in the country that covered President Obama would demand to be considered a church and their tax exempt status would be assured. President Obama would be forced to raise taxes on the citizenry even higher to make up for it.

    Then the UN could sue us in international court for religious bigotry. If, God forbid, hate speech laws are passed here as they have been in Britain speaking against the President then becomes religious bigotry. Would the State of the Union address be considered a sermon? Would voting become a sacrament? Could you write off political donations to Obama twice, once as a political donation and once as a donation to the church?

    Would this make Election Day a religious holiday? Will the ACLU sue over these developments? If Election Day is a religious holiday can the ACLU get it abolished under the Separation of Church and State Clause? If Election Day is abolished does Obama remain President for life? Where does it end?

    This could be a disaster of epic proportions.

    If anyone can tell me how these nebulous promises of change and hope will actually bring about change I would be glad to withdraw my theory of Obama as Head of Church and State. However, I don‘t see it happening. Obama’s commitment to change would be admirable if it were backed up with concrete plans explaining how he plans to accomplish these goals but until such a time as these plans are made public his candidacy remains firmly in the realm of faith and fairy tale.
    So many people I have met and talked to about Barack Hussein Obama speak as if they have had a religious experience, explaining he will heal the rifts on our country. When pressed as to how he will do this they have no concrete explanations, relying instead on nebulous notions of change and hope.

    The following video of Times Of London Columnist Gerald Baker reading his July 25th column shows exactly how so many people see Obama. It is a faith based movement.


    Some people are just too damned stupid to be allowed to continue breathing but there they go continuing to breathe, talk and see insults that aren't there. Never mind the fact of costing the state more money to recall the offending plates, this is a person just looking for something to complain about, kinda' like me but lacking the common sense I possess.

    Stupidity Redux;

    The Insanity Police are at it again in Britain, where freedom and common sense once resided. Both of those qualities have left Britain for parts unknown as a man gets fined for smoking in his workplace. Which isn't really his workplace, it's his automobile. I should add he wasn't actually working at the time. He was driving home from work.

    Yeah boy I sure would wanna move there.


    The killing that went on in Darfur which in a perfect world we could go do something about right now is simply an extension of the insanity we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. While I applaud our government's attempt to settle grievances through diplomacy and sanctions the plain truth of the matter is eventually we are going to have to seriously go to war with the muslims. When they have enough of a majority THIS is how they act.


    The feminist movement has destroyed the standing of men in society. No surprise there. Honestly I stopped taking crap from women years ago. Get your own damned door you uppity bitch and pay for your own meal you friggin cow. Women today don't respect men. They expect men to bow before them and worship them. The problem is they don't do anything to make them worthy enough to bow to or worship. They talk down to men, expect men to answer to their beck and call and wait on them hand and foot all the while demanding that men treat them as equals.

    Let me tell you something girls, we treat our friends as equals. If we treated you as an equal the same way we treat our friends we'd have to punch you in the mouth at least every other day. If our friends talked to us the way you talk to us you can bet your gossip hour at the body shop there'd be some ass kicking going on. By the way, for those unfamiliar the body shop is that place you gals hang out at to get rebuilt every week or so.

    You wanna see what kind of women we have to deal with these days? Click on this. Poor John Cleese marries a woman who can, in the classic mold of today's hypersensitive uber bitch, take care of herself and when she files for divorce she demands half of what he has earned. What did she do to deserve that? Now a damned thing.

    Let me tell you girls something. Us guys are tired of taking your crap. You want a job and to be treated as equals? Quit taking time off because you have friggin' cramps. If a man did that every month he'd be dragged to a doctors office by either his friends or told to go by his boss on threat of losing his job. Learn to stay at work when your precious snowflake is ill....hire a babysitter like a man would. And accept the fact that your pay is lower, on average, because on average you work in lower paying professions.

    Get the hell over yourselves. Feminism ruined you and ruined what you had. You can't have it both ways. Continue on the path you are on and you are going to be stuck with whiny girly men that get manicures and discuss "product" and window treatments but can't change a damned tire or fix anything around the house that doesn't come out of an espresso machine.

    Actually, never mind.

    Keep on chasing the whiny boys and the metrosexuals. Us real men don't want you and our women would kick your ass for coming around anyway.
    An Ode to the Boob

    They jiggle they bounce they wiggle and sway
    Mounds of perfection on chests as they lay
    Whether large ones or small ones or ones in between
    Call them breasts call them boobies or fun bags supreme
    The size doesn’t matter nor does what they’re named
    Flash a pair at a man and he’ll soon be quite tamed
    Young lads become speechless and old farts will smile
    When a pair is popped out with wink and some wile
    We care not if they’re natural or enhanced quite a bit
    The thing that we wonder is can we play with the tit
    So excuse us our glares our sly looks and our leers
    But they’d be so much better if they’d just dispense beers
    The most succinct and accurate analysis of Islam I have ever seen. Truer words cannot be spoken. (source)

    It is not about Jews in Israel, or Orthodox Serbs in Kosovo, or Hindus in Kashmir, Buddhists in Thailand, or Maronite Catholics in Lebanon, Taoists in China, or Christians in Sudan and Nigeria, but all of us.

    Islam is at war with all of us.
    With a huge tip o' me tam to our most Excellent Emperor Misha I for pointing me to this video even though it angers me greatly and makes me pray for the days when it is once again legal to slap down cretins like this in the street. Whose side are these people on anyway? Certainly not ours, and yet they use the freedoms this country gives them to display such astounding ignorance. If the folks these sub-human, mouth breathing hypocrites are backing ever really got into power these dumb asses would quickly find themselves unable to march in the streets and protest.

    I gotta say, loss of liberty notwithstanding the prospect of irony so thick you'd need a blowtorch to get through it is enticing.

    Take the title of this post to heart. It is the truth. The hard core unadulterated truth.

    Barack Hussein Obama is a dyed in the wool, indoctrinated subversive communist.

    Don't believe me?

    Here's a great report on his mentors. This man has been steeped in commie propaganda and claptrap since he was a wee bairn, suckled on the teat of socialist ideals and weaned on Marxist teachings and it shows.

    His plans all revolve around some nebulous mantra of hope and change, change and hope, with huge plans to take care of all different segments of society. Claiming to have plans to tax "the rich" he can't tell you what defines "rich."

    This man's mentors are a bunch of America hating zealots, intent on the destruction of the freedoms we enjoy and have earned. For a good primer of where we are in the cycle of socialism that eventually will, if left unchecked, destroy a country read this article here.

    Obama will push us towards the latter part of stage two, possibly even, with a Congress that is on his side, into the early stages of stage three IF he were to get a second term.

    Those that support Hussein for President and aiding our enemies in their task to destroy the West. Congratulations for that, folks. How does it feel to be a mindless pawn in the destruction of your own freedom?

    UPDATE: Several people have emailed me other things that need to be in this post. Such as the fact that Obama's official blogger flies a commie flag.

    Or the one about Obamessiah's plan to have a civilian national security force (brown shirts anyone?) that is "just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." So Obamessiah would effectively double the national defense budget but instead of having soldiers in the field we'd have rats in the streets. We could make Russia look like an open society. I'd wager these folks would be responsible for enforcing hate speech codes, political correctness rules and environmental regulations.

    What about Hussein's plan to up our taxes by some outrageous amount by effectively paying a global tax to the friggin' UN?

    There's the story of Tony Rezko, which most people don't seem to pay much attention to, but which is indicative of the corruption Obama will bring to the White House, just like Clinton did.

    For me THIS video says it all.

    If you have other articles that point out Obama's communist leanings please leave them in the comments.

    When Obama says "change we can believe in" he is lying, because the sheeple inhabiting the United States aren't going to believe the change Obama will bring. They'll sure believe in hope though, because once Hussein is done taxing us into poverty and dragging us into a socialist quagmire hope is going to be the only thing you will be able to afford to have.
    With Justin Timberlake's remarks while hosting the Espy Awards about Paul Pierce's "injured knee" in the NBA playoffs last season being left on the cutting room floor I must take this opportunity to be as offensive as possible and mention that The Obamessiah seems to be shuckin' and jivin' his way through this election.

    Between Timberlake's remarks and Michael Savage being railed against for talking about autistic kids and Don Imus's famous comment about nappy headed hoes we have a serious dent being made in the free speech department here in the good old U.S. of A.

    Home of the free? As long as you don't say anything to upset some "oppressed" group of whiny activists, sure. Once upon a time we had a First Amendment to the Constitution that guaranteed a person the right to say what was on their mind as long as they weren't shouting 'FIRE' in a crowded theater. I have always wondered if shouting fire in a nearly empty theater would be a bad thing.

    I think too many groups in this country are way too damned sensitive when it comes to what other people say about them. They say it "offends" them and "hurts their feelings." They say it is mean and degrading. They seem to believe they have some mythical right to go through life without being "offended" by what they see and hear.

    First off you have no right to not be offended. The upside of that is you have every right to offend others. If something someone says "offends" you then maybe the truth of what they are saying is hitting too close to home. Maybe instead of railing about the injustice of living in a land that guarantees its' citizens the right to free speech you should work on changing whatever quality you possess that caused you to be offended in the first place.

    Now don't let the fact that I am writing this rant in black face cause you to think I am a racist. I happen to think all the races are about even, it's the culture you are raised in that makes you what and who you are, but lawdy don't tell people THAT because you'll just confuse them. You see, they have been told for so long that every culture is equal to another culture, even though in some cultures it is expected that your children will graduate school and work to make something of their lives and in other cultures it is expected that men will impregnate women and leave them to be a "baby mama" and those same women are expected to have children by different men during the course of her breeding life, which in some cases starts at about 14 years of age.

    Maybe a culture wherein men are not held to their duty of actually being a father has something to do with the constant struggle of that segment of society and not what some shock jock or awards show emcee says in his monologue. Maybe the culture that celebrates men having many babies with several women and not sticking around to raise any of them while calling those same women "bitches" and "hoes" must share some of the blame for that segment of society that just can't seem to pull themselves up from the bottom of society.

    Maybe, just maybe, the culture that surrounds and permeates the black community, a culture of their own doing, where "gansta' rappers" and "thugs" are held in high esteem and the man with a steady job and one women who takes the time to raise his children is ridiculed as a fool and an "Uncle Tom" might have something to do with the historically low position of Black America.

    If I were to be called a cracker not one person would stand up and say "that aint right" or "that's offensive" but let me utter the word 'nigger" or 'wetback' or 'spic' or any one of a dozen other "offensive" or "racially charged" words or phrases and see how fast the PC police are knocking on my door with a cease, desist and grovel for forgiveness order.

    Just so we know we are on the same page here let me say it again.


    And if that statement offends you, too bad.
    I have been watching, like many of you, this years election cycle which is puttering along like an old Suzuki missing a cylinder. One thing that has constantly amazed me is the main stream medias ability to give Obama a pass on so many things that fly out of his mouth. If Mccain said half the goofy malapropism's that spill from Obama's mouth the MSM would have to gear up 20 new newspapers, 6 new television stations and who knows how many radio stations just to keep up with it all.

    On the other hand Obama is the gift that keeps on giving, with unbelievable gaffs flying at the speed of sound and the frequency of Rosie O'Donnell eating donuts. It is really almost too much to ask for in a just world. Alas, a just world is not what we live in (actually in a just world Obama wouldn't even be running) so Obama just keeps tossing out choice morsels of stupidity for us to chew on. If stupid slips of the tongue were food we'd be even fatter as a nation by November, in fact, and Obama could single handedly wipe out hunger.

    Then I got to thinking.

    What if it isn't mis-spoken words on Obama's part, but simply the way he actually counts?

    Not too long ago, in a speech, late at night when he was tired, to be fair, Obama mentioned having been to 57 of the states during his campaign. The Obamabots came out with a hundred different excuses trying to spin their messiah's mistake and draw attention away from teh fact that there are 57 ISLAMIC states but to little avail. Many people think Obama is a muslim. Most of the muslim world thinks he is a muslim. Now I am not going to get into a discussion about whether Obama is a muslim or not but suffice it to say that if the muslim world thinks he is a muslim that's gonna be good enough for me. After all, taqqiyah, the edict in the Koran that says lying in the furtherance of Islam is acceptable would allow Obama to pretend to be a muslim if at the end of the day it helped bring about a worldwide caliphate.

    Now Obama has stated that he plans to be dealing with the leaders of other countries for the next 8-10 years. Never mind the cajones to start dealing in foreign policy before he is even the official nominee for his party. Warner Todd Huston covered that angle very well in another article. Forget the fact that the 22nd amendment limits Presidents to no more than two four year terms. Warner Todd Huston covered that angle perfectly also.

    What we should worry about here is Obama's singularly horrid grasp of math. If this is the kind of math they are teaching in Harvard these days then hell, sign me up. It looks like I could actually ace a math class like that.

    What really worries me is this is the man that would be dealing with approving the countries budgets. I am terrified as to what kind of budget he'd accept.

    We have 50 states, he thinks there are 60.

    Presidents get no more than 8 years in office, he's shooting for 10.

    Obviously reality is one number and Obama see a bigger number.

    Make a hundred grand a year? Obama hears three hundred grand. Someone says he needs 30 million for a new program Obama heard 50 million. I don't even want to think of how this plays out with new taxes. What about the promised military cuts Obama has talked about? Someone says cut ten percent of the standing forces and Obama cuts 20%.

    Face it folks, the man simply cannot count which means election day is going to be something else. The news channels will report that Obama has won X number of states and he'll hear a larger number of course and immediately issue some kind of press release about how he is so close to taking enough states out of the 57 we have to win the whole shooting match.

    Now couple this mathematical genius with an apparent and complete lack of awareness of the passage of time and we can see some serious problems coming down the pike.

    I have been trying to deduce the mathematical formulae that must be floating around in Obama's head, where 50 equals 60 and 8 equals 10 but without a few more examples I probably wont be able to do it. Heaven forbid those examples come through new taxes and exploding budgets.

    I do, however, have a theory. If 50=60 and 8=10 then we may have a clue as to who would get royally shafted under an Obama Presidency. Fifty to sixty is a 20% jump. Eight to ten is 25%. So the smaller the number the larger the increase. So the less money you make the more you will pay in taxes.

    Makes sense to me. Obama is, after all, just a fat cat. Fat cats tend to watch out for their own. It appears that Obama adds in a larger percentage with lower numbers. So maybe if you make a hundred grand a year you won't pay as much as someone that makes 50 grand a year.

    Of course there is always the other possibility. Obama's 57 states gaff came out around May 12th. His 10 year Presidential plan hit the wires on July 20th. A difference of about of almost nine weeks. We have about 15 weeks left until the election. In nine weeks Obama's math went from a 20% mistake to a 25% mistake. A 25% increase in and of itself. I think we can expect another 25% increase in Obama's stupidity for sure within the next nine weeks, taking the current 25% to just over 31%. In those last 6 weeks expect another jump of about 16%, pushing Obama's stupidity factor up to just under 36%.

    By then we should have, by Obama Math, 68 states and Obama can expect to serve out his full ten years.
    I stumbled upon this site today that featured a haiku called "The Gatekeeper Haiku." In honor of this haiku (and because I believe in countering the slanted BS from the left) I present you with;

    Kender's Immigration Haiku's

    Running through canyons
    La Migra gringos close in
    I must dump the drugs

    Two dollars a day
    I have too many kids to feed
    I will go wash cars

    Landscape America
    Scrub the white man's bathroom down
    Send my money home

    No speeka eengleesh
    Unless you need my labor
    Ten bucks an hour

    I am poor worker
    My six kids need doctors care
    Hospital is closed?

    Enforcing your laws
    Is hateful and mean to me
    I just want to work

    I ran down your kid
    While drunk as Kennedy man
    Home to Mexico

    Gringos have no sense
    Give me all I need to live
    White guilt is the best

    A walled up border
    Is no match for mexicans
    Who just want to work

    You stole all our land
    We will take it back from you
    Guadalupe what?

    No wetback am I
    I crawled under chain link fence
    I am a scratchback

    Feel free to leave your own in the comments.
    OK, so some comedy writer said there isn't anything funny to write about Obama. Not true.

    Aside from the fact that he has ears darn near large enough for him to catch a good breeze (OH COME ON!!!!!! Like you never noticed those huge meat flaps hanging on the side of his head) there is what appears to be how seriously he takes himself. John McCain on the Conan show the other night pretended to fall asleep while Conan was asking him about his age. He obviously has a sense of humor but aside from an occasional mean jab at Hillary Obama appears to not have much of one.

    I personally think the pretentiousness shown in his speech where he said something along the lines of this is the moment when the oceans stopped rising is ripe for fisking.

    COME ON....if THAT isn't comedy material nothing is...such megalomaniacal presumptuousness can not possibly be left alone, but leave it alone everyone seems to have far.

    Can you imagine what kind of a mental breakdown this man is setting himself up for if he loses? He is believing the hype about his messiah-ness. Hell, he plays on it by advising his backers to tell people "how they came to Obama"....not about the issues and HOW he planes to do all these wonderful, pie-in-the-sky things he claims to want to do, but just "how they came to the messiah." If he loses he'll sit and wonder what went wrong. How could HE, the Savior of Mankind possibly have failed in His quest to become President?

    Of course if he wins and takes that attitude to the White House I can see some very interesting State of the Union speeches.

    Maybe when writing of Obama we should start capitalizing the word "he" and "him" so as not to offend the omnipotent candidate.

    Then again maybe they are right. Maybe there is some truth to this whole messiah thing. Obama certainly seems to be immune from serious mainstream journalists looking too deeply into his life and being critical about his serious lack of experience. Maybe He really is some sort of messiah sent to save us from ourselves and I shouldn't even hit the publish button. After all, is He is the retribution I may face could be serious. Who knows what an omnipotent Obama would do to someone who made fun of those big ass ears he's totin'.

    I have spoken to several Obama supporters and not one of them could tell me one thing he would change or how he would do it. They speak in abstracts about Obama "healing the rift" and "bringing people together." I tell them that Obama won't bring anyone together because those that stand against him are against him for damned good reasons, chief among them being he's a friggin socialist and will run this country further into the ground.

    They never have an answer for that, but if he wins the election and we are proven correct about him I am sure they'll find a way to blame it all on Bush, shrug it off and continue on worshiping the Great Black Eared God.
    Received in email, too funny...had to post. Top 12 signs you might be taliban.

    12. You've ever had a crush on your neighbor's goat.

    11. You bathe at least monthly whether necessary or not.

    10. You have nothing against women and think every man should own at
    least one.

    9. You've ever uttered the phrase, 'I love what you've done with your cave.

    8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than
    setting off roadside bombs.

    7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in
    your clothing.

    6. You can't think of anyone you haven't declared Jihad against.

    5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.

    4. You wipe your butt with your bare left hand, but consider bacon

    3. You have more wives than teeth.

    2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can't afford shoes.

    And the number one sign you might be taliban?

    1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to beer.
    Would someone out there, anyone with a shred of sense that is, please tell me why there is anyone at all who is considered smarter than a bivalve still willing to vote for Barack Hussein Obama?

    I can understand going along with the thought that we need more social programs as we now have at least two generations thoroughly indoctrinated in the belief of government as caretaker.

    I can understand going along with the mistaken promise to let the Bush tax cuts expire under the falsehood of "it's taxes on the rich."

    I can even understand the misplaced white guilt vote coming from millions of brainwashed dullards that think we have a racism problem in this country.

    But going along with a man who claims the law enforcement of the very country he is trying to become President of are terrorists for doing the job they were hired to do, are sworn to do in fact is simply beyond belief.

    There are only two possible conclusions to the fact that this man still has supporters.

    One is that his followers truly do believe that law enforcement are terrorists, in which case I defy them to refrain from calling 911 the next time they find themselves in dire straights.

    The second, and much more plausible answer by my thinking is that his followers really are idiots.

    Utter morons.

    Creatures of such stupendously low intelligence that breathing must be a full time job for them.

    There are simply no other choices. They either really hate this country or they are complete and utter....well, face it, there is no level of intelligence yet defined in the english language to define how blindingly stupid these people must be.

    So to all you Obamaniacs out there, please explain to me if you really hate this country so much that you want it to open it's borders and become the third world cesspool so many are fleeing from or are you just that fucking stupid?
    The ACLU has claimed that the Terrorist Watch List has reached one million names. Aside from such blatant out and out lying which we have come to expect from the American Communists Lawyers Union, and fear mongering, which we also expect, is the fact that mathematically so few Americans are on this list as to make this almost a non-issue.

    As one can see from the graphic here (click this) the actual number of people on the list is 60% less than the ACLU claim. What SHOULD be shouted from the rooftops is the following bit from this report;
    Between the TSC’s inception in December 2003 and May 2007, the TSC
    documented more than 99,000 encounters for which its call center was contacted. TSC data shows that 53.4 percent of these calls were determined to be a positive match to a terrorist watchlist identity in the TSDB. In
    cases, the TSC contacted the FBI, which is responsible for initiating any necessary law enforcement action. In 43.4 percent of these calls, it
    determined that the encountered individual did not match the watchlisted identity, and the TSC Call Center staff instructed the frontline screening agent of this resolution. In the remaining 3.2 percent of the encounters,
    TSC Call Center staff could not definitively determine if the match was positive or negative and therefore forwarded these calls to the FBI.

    In other words, OVER HALF of the calls from watch list hits were matches. Three point two percent could not be determined whether it was a terrorist or not. Two million people fly in the U.S. a day. Three percent of two million people is SIXTY THOUSAND PEOPLE. How many terrorist attacks have been thwarted because of this list?

    Given the time frame of the calls that is over 3.1 billion travelers over the time frame at 2 million travelers a day. Three percent of 3 billion. what is that? like NINETY MILLION PEOPLE?

    Of course the actual number of people held up by this list is much lower than sixty thousand a day, as most folks that travel in the U.S are American citizens and the actual number of Americans on this list is much lower than 400 thousand., so much lower in fact that given that 95% of the people on it aren't even Americans and we get a number of about 20 thousand people on it.

    Twenty thousand people on the list out of three hundred million? By my math that is well under one one hundredth of a percent to end up on this list. Seems to me to be a very small price to pay for safety in air travel. Seems to me that such a small number of AMERICAN citizens on a list that the AMERICAN Civil liberties Union is lying about wouldn't really be a cause for concern for most right thinking people, but we aren't speaking of right thinking people here, we're discussing the ACLU and their lies.

    The only other thing that bothers me is the fact that the AMERICAN civil liberties union is so concerned with the civil liberties of people that aren't American citizens, aren't covered by our laws and don't have a damned bit of standing in our legal system.

    But then, the ACLU has a long standing history of aiding and abetting our enemies both foreign and domestic and we certainly don't expect them to start acting like American Patriots now.
    I demand the government make certain I have a roof over my head every day of my life, even if I have done nothing personally to earn it.

    I demand the government make certain I always have food to eat, even if I have sat on my ass and done nothing for it.

    I demand the government make certain I can always see a doctor when I feel the need even if I have not worked one day in my life.

    I demand the government make certain I can get around town on public transportation so I do not have to walk in the heat or rain.

    I demand the government pay for any and all education I care to pursue even if I do nothing with it.

    I demand the government clothe me so I am protected from the elements as I go about my daily business of discussing philosophy with other slackers at the local coffee house.

    I demand I be left alone to pursue the life of my choice, whether it's laying around discussing philosophy or taking yet another class on underwater basket weaving techniques of the Eastern Fugawi Tribe.

    I demand the government take care of me, and everyone else, from cradle to grave, no matter what we may or may not do with our lives. The government has a job to do....taking care of us....they have no right to demand that we are productive citizens or that we contribute to our upkeep.

    It is their job.

    It is our job to accept such largess.

    I am today's youth.

    I have spoken.

    Are you listening?
    Let me start this out by saying by these guidelines I am a racist. I must be. I dislike a foreign food. More about that in a moment.

    Now there's the news out of Britain's National Children's Bureau that children having a dislike of foreign foods may be exhibiting signs of racism.

    Stating that children that say "yuk" when introduced to new and foreign foods may be showing signs of racism to come "play leaders" and nursery instructors have been instructed to watch for these oh so disturbing incidents so that presumably the children can be enrolled in the governments re-indoctrination and potty training school.

    Well this makes perfect sense, since no child I have ever seen would turn his nose up at a new food unless someone in a position of authority was off to the side whispering in their ears about THAT food coming from those ugly foreigners that hate our way of life and just want to take over. I know my own son never once turned his head up at any new food. I myself only hate hog jowls and chitlins because my very insensitive mother told me where they came from (black folks kitchens) and not because they are parts of an animal I would rather not eat.

    That's the same reason I won't try menudo. Not because it's made from the lining of cows intestines but because my mom hated mexican people so much that she instilled in me a hatred of some mexican foods. Why she didn't instill a hatred of burritos is beyond me, as burritos have done more to cause me problems in my life than menudo ever could have. I promise I have contributed more to global warming because of burritos than I have from driving.

    Conversely I wonder if children in other countries that don't like "American" cooking would be considered racists? Probably not. Thy would just be proud of their own heritage and I would be an imperialist for pushing American food on them.

    What next I wonder? Maybe we can call out racism for people that don't want to, oh I don't know, celebrate religions that aren't their own?

    Would a muslim child be a racist for refusing a BLT? Of course not, because we must be sensitive to others religious beliefs. Conversely by these rules I should not be pissed off at muslims sawing the heads off of people because it is their religious belief that led them to do it so I must be sensitive to that fact.

    Maybe I will start a religion that says we must urinate on the feet of the non believers. They would HAVE to let me pee on their feet, as doing otherwise would be insensitive.

    Where, really, will this insanity end? I now fully expect to be called a racist, again, for saying I don't like menudo, the food or the band, but that's the cost of living in a free society. People are free to like and dislike whomever or whatever they please.

    Too bad Britain's freedom is long gone.

    Let's all bow to Londonistan and demand that people not ever dislike some food ever unless it was created by Britain or the U.S. then you can hate it all you want.
    Mean International, an anti carbon credits website has been sued in Oneida Circuit Court by Green International, a company devoted to making the entire planet pay for the snake oil of the 21st century, Carbon Offsets.

    Neither group could be reached for a comment at this time. More as it develops.
    Red light cameras have become common place and now that they are the government is looking to expand on them. Tailpipe emissions cameras and parking space cameras are already deployed. Vans equipped with cameras roll down our highways unmarked and catch speeders. Now from a German company comes the latest camera innovation sure to send you tickets in the mail and pushing us ever closer to a society monitored 24/7 on screen by a low paid clerk.

    Tire tread cameras.

    I expect once we fall in line and accept this encroachment by automated tickets the government can come up with the ways to tax us by fining us for all kinds of other things.

    May I propose a "Fart Gas Camera that detects when you pass gas and increase global warming?

    How about respirator monitors to tax you for each breath?

    Extra taxes for each pound of weight you are over according to government charts? I mean, if you are over weight you obviously ate more than your fair share of food so you should pay for being fat and lazy too, right?

    Seriously, when is government intrusion into our lives gonna end?
    Chucky Schumer, (Dumbass-NY) screwed the pooch, the investors of Indymac Bank, half its employees and me personally by sending banking regulators a letter expressing concerns about its viability which led directly to the bank being taken over by government regulators.

    In comments released to the media, the OTC said a June 26 letter by New York Sen. Charles Schumer expressing concern about the bank's viability was the 'immediate cause' of the thrift's closure.

    First off I would be very interested in knowing if Chucky or any of his family or associates made any money in the failure of Indymac. Secondly this points out the caution our elected officials must take when speaking in an official capacity. Schumer's words directly caused Indymac to lose any possibility of regaining a solid footing by scaring depositors into withdrawing 1.3 billion dollars in a very short time, thereby causing Indymac to lose the liquidity that was keeping their nose above water.

    Maybe Senator Dumbass should keep his large new york sized pie hole shut and not go around freaking out the country with self fulfilling prophecies about banks collapsing. Then again, this is just the kind of crap the dems will point to in an attempt to bolster their support of Barack "I can save you from all ills if you just believe" Obama. The really sad part of this is the BHO supporters are naive enough to not once look into this situation and realize it was caused by one of their own shooting his maw off and sticking his nose where it really didn't need to be.

    This is exactly the kind of idiocy we can expect from the dems. Now the only question is which financial institution will they cause to fail next?
    The old adage that warns "Be Careful What You Ask For...You Just Might Get It" is playing itself out in many cities around the country as fuel prices rise and people flock to public transportation that is proving itself unable to handle the amount of customers suddenly flooding the transit lines.

    A not so funny side effect of the skyrocketing demand for buses and trains, outside of the fact that people are finding themselves standing on the roadside as buses too full to pick them up go zooming past, is the fact that increased public transportation ridership will actually lower tax revenue as people buy less fuel. Less fuel purchased means less fuel taxes paid. Less taxes paid means less money to dump into the historically money losing public transportation business.

    Are you seeing a circular problem here?

    But don't worry, the folks in charge are on the problem already, with Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky and Maine raising fuel taxes this year already, so those of us that have not yet adopted the socialist Utopian vision of bus rider heaven will be paying more at the pump to subsidize your overcrowded and dilapidated ride home this evening.

    The one thing that is really going to hit home is the fact that transit systems have to buy fuel also and will be buying more of it as ridership increases (it costs more in fuel to haul more people) which means fares will rise, maybe not to the point of driving people back into their cars (pardon the pun) but rise they will.

    So here's what we have. High gas prices are driving people to use publicly subsidized transportation that gets part of its funding from fuel taxes. As a result there are less fuel taxes to spend on public transportation, and public transportation is having to spend more money on the high priced gas that caused its ridership to increase in the first place. The end game being fares will increase to help defray the cost of increased fuel consumption by the transportation companies and the loss of fuel tax revenue, forcing poor people to either get a bike or walk to work.

    Then the bus and trains will be the domain of the people that pay for them, the taxpayer, and not the homeless guy that's on there smelling up the place and snoring in the corner. On the other hand, having all those poor folks riding bikes and walking everywhere will make them much healthier and they'll live longer which will cost us more in the long run. I mean, really, how many old waitresses do we need anyway? If this is allowed to continue we'll have a world full of fit, bicycle riding Flo's from Mel's Diner running around telling us to kiss her grits.

    I don't know if I could handle a world like that.

    It seems too much like my family reunion.
    with a tip o' me tam to me pal Bushwhack for this outstanding idea to solve our energy and illegal alien problems, I give you you The Energy Solution;

    My mailbox is being flooded with mail concerning gas prices and illegal immigrants. To boycott oil companies or not; to provide amnesty to illegal immigrants or not, etc.

    Since I have become jaded to the various solutions proposed by the Republicans, Democrats, Sierra Club, ACLU, etc., I have elected to solve the problems as they affect me. It solves both my gas and illegal immigrant problems.
    I have hired illegal immigrants to push my car. They're plentiful and cheaper than buying gas. Then I pay them in pesos so they have to go home to spend it
    Reading an article about pessimistic optimists tonight (with a tip o' me tam to Raven) I was struck by a line in the story.

    Young or old, Republican or Democrat, economically stable or struggling, Americans are questioning where they are and where they are going. And they wonder who or what might ride to their rescue.
    emphasis mine

    Herein lies the entire problem. People waiting for someone or something to ride to the rescue. Is this not the country that beat the most powerful empire the world had seen to that point in a war while doing so underfunded, undermanned and outgunned? Is this not the country that abolished slavery, saved freedom (twice at least) put men on the moon, beat polio, gave the world airplanes, radio, t.v, internet, cheap automobiles, microwaves and microwave popcorn, drive thru restaurants, the bikini swimsuit, playboy magazine and won the cold war?

    What if we had waited for someone to ride to the rescue then?

    We'd be living a century behind, only the rich would have cars and dinner would still be a huge ordeal involving actual cooking.

    If you're gonna be a member of an optimist club at least be optimistic and if you can't do that instead of bitching try to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

    Now while there is much to be pessimistic about there are not any problems we can't overcome, after all, it's what we do. We're America. High gas prices? Build more refineries. Ongoing war? Let the dogs off the leash and let them do what they are trained to do and they'll make short work of the war. Keep hindering our soldiers with stupid and dangerous rules of engagement and it will keep dragging on longer than need be. A finer fighting source has not been seen since the days of the Trojans and left to their own devices our military is unstoppable.

    Of course this is all secondary to the major problem this country faces internally and the article sums it up better than I could;
    Perhaps, out of these trying days, we may see a more comprehensive energy policy, a sooner-than-later resolution of the war and, even, a more profound sense of personal responsibility -
    emphasis mine

    It's our lack of personal responsibility. Add in our penchant for instant gratification, our 30 second attention spans and an addiction to sound bites and bumper sticker policy and you have a nation of idiots blithely going through life from one crisis to the next while never really paying attention beyond what they hear around the water cooler.

    This country needs to start paying attention. If we don't we will earn exactly what we receive.

    And what, you may be asking yourself, is that?

    Let's look at a possible scenario.

    Barack Obama becomes the next President of the United States. Being a neophyte on foreign policy (and all policy actually) and not a friend of Israel one can naturally expect that his foreign policy will be weak in helping Israel in time of need. Iran has been rattling their scimitar about Israel for some time now, pursuing nuclear weapons with which they have sworn to use to wipe Israel off the map. Israel, wanting to secure our aid in a war against their enemies will most likely attack Iran between our election day and Baracks swearing in ceremony.

    At this point Syria, Egypt and maybe even Libya will attack Israel. The Palestinian Territories will explode and Saudi Arabia may even sneak into the fray behind the scenes but will keep it very quiet for fear of rousing our anger.

    The Great World War will have begun.

    Nations will quickly jump into one camp or another, mostly by lines of western vs. muslim, with the unknowns being China and Russia.

    The next war on this scale will be war such as humans have never seen, The Middle East will explode as Israel defends herself from attacks on all sides. Meanwhile muslims in other lands will want to join the fight. Some will head to the Middle East. Many will rise up where they stand, sensing attacks on the countries in which they live may weaken the resolve of those governments to stay in the fight.

    France will be overrun with angry muslims destroying everything in sight and killing as many people as possible. Much of the rest of Europe will suffer the same fate. In the United States all will be fairly quiet for a few months and sleeper cells gear up. Eventually though they will start a terror campaign here that will rival the onslaught Israel has faced in the past, with bombers destroying buses and pizza joints and who knows what else.

    At this point the American citizenry, seeing that the government cannot protect them will rise up and take matters into their own hands. Militias, hastily formed and loosely organized will begin the clear out their neighborhoods, then their towns and on up until they have secured the country. At this point anyone appearing muslim will either flee or be killed.

    Then the real trouble will start.

    At this point the Nation of Islam may try to stand with their ideological brethren. What would happen one wonders, if suddenly your enemy weren't so easily distinguishable by accent or appearance but instead was born and raised here, converted to Islam in prison and had decided to fight alongside his Islamic brothers?

    Why, we'd probably have a race war. Differentiating a Nation of Islam member from your ordinary average "african-american" male will be mightily difficult when they realize that sticking out as a member of a group that has been targeted for relocation is not a smart thing to do and go into hiding by attempting to appear innocuous.

    So what happens then? I have some predictions about that.

    I predict that Dearborn, Michigan will be razed to the ground by the Michigan Militia in an assault that leaves precious little recognizable in its' wake.

    I predict that the coming war, when it hits our streets is going to look worse than the civil war for what it does to the country.

    I predict that this will be the costliest, bloodiest war yet, and may be the longest.

    I also predict that by war's end mosques will be a rarity in this country and in most parts of the world, as will devout muslims and their apologists.

    But here's one thing that isn't a prediction.

    We will not let Freedoms' Torch be extinguished nor allow another dark age to be ushered in no matter how devoutly the adherents to Islam wish it to be otherwise.

    We will fight on to victory, no matter the cost, no matter the burden.

    We will not falter.

    We will not fail.

    We will prevail.

    And THAT you can take to the bank.