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    I have been watching, like many of you, this years election cycle which is puttering along like an old Suzuki missing a cylinder. One thing that has constantly amazed me is the main stream medias ability to give Obama a pass on so many things that fly out of his mouth. If Mccain said half the goofy malapropism's that spill from Obama's mouth the MSM would have to gear up 20 new newspapers, 6 new television stations and who knows how many radio stations just to keep up with it all.

    On the other hand Obama is the gift that keeps on giving, with unbelievable gaffs flying at the speed of sound and the frequency of Rosie O'Donnell eating donuts. It is really almost too much to ask for in a just world. Alas, a just world is not what we live in (actually in a just world Obama wouldn't even be running) so Obama just keeps tossing out choice morsels of stupidity for us to chew on. If stupid slips of the tongue were food we'd be even fatter as a nation by November, in fact, and Obama could single handedly wipe out hunger.

    Then I got to thinking.

    What if it isn't mis-spoken words on Obama's part, but simply the way he actually counts?

    Not too long ago, in a speech, late at night when he was tired, to be fair, Obama mentioned having been to 57 of the states during his campaign. The Obamabots came out with a hundred different excuses trying to spin their messiah's mistake and draw attention away from teh fact that there are 57 ISLAMIC states but to little avail. Many people think Obama is a muslim. Most of the muslim world thinks he is a muslim. Now I am not going to get into a discussion about whether Obama is a muslim or not but suffice it to say that if the muslim world thinks he is a muslim that's gonna be good enough for me. After all, taqqiyah, the edict in the Koran that says lying in the furtherance of Islam is acceptable would allow Obama to pretend to be a muslim if at the end of the day it helped bring about a worldwide caliphate.

    Now Obama has stated that he plans to be dealing with the leaders of other countries for the next 8-10 years. Never mind the cajones to start dealing in foreign policy before he is even the official nominee for his party. Warner Todd Huston covered that angle very well in another article. Forget the fact that the 22nd amendment limits Presidents to no more than two four year terms. Warner Todd Huston covered that angle perfectly also.

    What we should worry about here is Obama's singularly horrid grasp of math. If this is the kind of math they are teaching in Harvard these days then hell, sign me up. It looks like I could actually ace a math class like that.

    What really worries me is this is the man that would be dealing with approving the countries budgets. I am terrified as to what kind of budget he'd accept.

    We have 50 states, he thinks there are 60.

    Presidents get no more than 8 years in office, he's shooting for 10.

    Obviously reality is one number and Obama see a bigger number.

    Make a hundred grand a year? Obama hears three hundred grand. Someone says he needs 30 million for a new program Obama heard 50 million. I don't even want to think of how this plays out with new taxes. What about the promised military cuts Obama has talked about? Someone says cut ten percent of the standing forces and Obama cuts 20%.

    Face it folks, the man simply cannot count which means election day is going to be something else. The news channels will report that Obama has won X number of states and he'll hear a larger number of course and immediately issue some kind of press release about how he is so close to taking enough states out of the 57 we have to win the whole shooting match.

    Now couple this mathematical genius with an apparent and complete lack of awareness of the passage of time and we can see some serious problems coming down the pike.

    I have been trying to deduce the mathematical formulae that must be floating around in Obama's head, where 50 equals 60 and 8 equals 10 but without a few more examples I probably wont be able to do it. Heaven forbid those examples come through new taxes and exploding budgets.

    I do, however, have a theory. If 50=60 and 8=10 then we may have a clue as to who would get royally shafted under an Obama Presidency. Fifty to sixty is a 20% jump. Eight to ten is 25%. So the smaller the number the larger the increase. So the less money you make the more you will pay in taxes.

    Makes sense to me. Obama is, after all, just a fat cat. Fat cats tend to watch out for their own. It appears that Obama adds in a larger percentage with lower numbers. So maybe if you make a hundred grand a year you won't pay as much as someone that makes 50 grand a year.

    Of course there is always the other possibility. Obama's 57 states gaff came out around May 12th. His 10 year Presidential plan hit the wires on July 20th. A difference of about of almost nine weeks. We have about 15 weeks left until the election. In nine weeks Obama's math went from a 20% mistake to a 25% mistake. A 25% increase in and of itself. I think we can expect another 25% increase in Obama's stupidity for sure within the next nine weeks, taking the current 25% to just over 31%. In those last 6 weeks expect another jump of about 16%, pushing Obama's stupidity factor up to just under 36%.

    By then we should have, by Obama Math, 68 states and Obama can expect to serve out his full ten years.
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