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    Some people are just too damned stupid to be allowed to continue breathing but there they go continuing to breathe, talk and see insults that aren't there. Never mind the fact of costing the state more money to recall the offending plates, this is a person just looking for something to complain about, kinda' like me but lacking the common sense I possess.

    Stupidity Redux;

    The Insanity Police are at it again in Britain, where freedom and common sense once resided. Both of those qualities have left Britain for parts unknown as a man gets fined for smoking in his workplace. Which isn't really his workplace, it's his automobile. I should add he wasn't actually working at the time. He was driving home from work.

    Yeah boy I sure would wanna move there.


    The killing that went on in Darfur which in a perfect world we could go do something about right now is simply an extension of the insanity we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. While I applaud our government's attempt to settle grievances through diplomacy and sanctions the plain truth of the matter is eventually we are going to have to seriously go to war with the muslims. When they have enough of a majority THIS is how they act.


    The feminist movement has destroyed the standing of men in society. No surprise there. Honestly I stopped taking crap from women years ago. Get your own damned door you uppity bitch and pay for your own meal you friggin cow. Women today don't respect men. They expect men to bow before them and worship them. The problem is they don't do anything to make them worthy enough to bow to or worship. They talk down to men, expect men to answer to their beck and call and wait on them hand and foot all the while demanding that men treat them as equals.

    Let me tell you something girls, we treat our friends as equals. If we treated you as an equal the same way we treat our friends we'd have to punch you in the mouth at least every other day. If our friends talked to us the way you talk to us you can bet your gossip hour at the body shop there'd be some ass kicking going on. By the way, for those unfamiliar the body shop is that place you gals hang out at to get rebuilt every week or so.

    You wanna see what kind of women we have to deal with these days? Click on this. Poor John Cleese marries a woman who can, in the classic mold of today's hypersensitive uber bitch, take care of herself and when she files for divorce she demands half of what he has earned. What did she do to deserve that? Now a damned thing.

    Let me tell you girls something. Us guys are tired of taking your crap. You want a job and to be treated as equals? Quit taking time off because you have friggin' cramps. If a man did that every month he'd be dragged to a doctors office by either his friends or told to go by his boss on threat of losing his job. Learn to stay at work when your precious snowflake is ill....hire a babysitter like a man would. And accept the fact that your pay is lower, on average, because on average you work in lower paying professions.

    Get the hell over yourselves. Feminism ruined you and ruined what you had. You can't have it both ways. Continue on the path you are on and you are going to be stuck with whiny girly men that get manicures and discuss "product" and window treatments but can't change a damned tire or fix anything around the house that doesn't come out of an espresso machine.

    Actually, never mind.

    Keep on chasing the whiny boys and the metrosexuals. Us real men don't want you and our women would kick your ass for coming around anyway.
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