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    Let me start this out by saying by these guidelines I am a racist. I must be. I dislike a foreign food. More about that in a moment.

    Now there's the news out of Britain's National Children's Bureau that children having a dislike of foreign foods may be exhibiting signs of racism.

    Stating that children that say "yuk" when introduced to new and foreign foods may be showing signs of racism to come "play leaders" and nursery instructors have been instructed to watch for these oh so disturbing incidents so that presumably the children can be enrolled in the governments re-indoctrination and potty training school.

    Well this makes perfect sense, since no child I have ever seen would turn his nose up at a new food unless someone in a position of authority was off to the side whispering in their ears about THAT food coming from those ugly foreigners that hate our way of life and just want to take over. I know my own son never once turned his head up at any new food. I myself only hate hog jowls and chitlins because my very insensitive mother told me where they came from (black folks kitchens) and not because they are parts of an animal I would rather not eat.

    That's the same reason I won't try menudo. Not because it's made from the lining of cows intestines but because my mom hated mexican people so much that she instilled in me a hatred of some mexican foods. Why she didn't instill a hatred of burritos is beyond me, as burritos have done more to cause me problems in my life than menudo ever could have. I promise I have contributed more to global warming because of burritos than I have from driving.

    Conversely I wonder if children in other countries that don't like "American" cooking would be considered racists? Probably not. Thy would just be proud of their own heritage and I would be an imperialist for pushing American food on them.

    What next I wonder? Maybe we can call out racism for people that don't want to, oh I don't know, celebrate religions that aren't their own?

    Would a muslim child be a racist for refusing a BLT? Of course not, because we must be sensitive to others religious beliefs. Conversely by these rules I should not be pissed off at muslims sawing the heads off of people because it is their religious belief that led them to do it so I must be sensitive to that fact.

    Maybe I will start a religion that says we must urinate on the feet of the non believers. They would HAVE to let me pee on their feet, as doing otherwise would be insensitive.

    Where, really, will this insanity end? I now fully expect to be called a racist, again, for saying I don't like menudo, the food or the band, but that's the cost of living in a free society. People are free to like and dislike whomever or whatever they please.

    Too bad Britain's freedom is long gone.

    Let's all bow to Londonistan and demand that people not ever dislike some food ever unless it was created by Britain or the U.S. then you can hate it all you want.
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