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    Reading an article about pessimistic optimists tonight (with a tip o' me tam to Raven) I was struck by a line in the story.

    Young or old, Republican or Democrat, economically stable or struggling, Americans are questioning where they are and where they are going. And they wonder who or what might ride to their rescue.
    emphasis mine

    Herein lies the entire problem. People waiting for someone or something to ride to the rescue. Is this not the country that beat the most powerful empire the world had seen to that point in a war while doing so underfunded, undermanned and outgunned? Is this not the country that abolished slavery, saved freedom (twice at least) put men on the moon, beat polio, gave the world airplanes, radio, t.v, internet, cheap automobiles, microwaves and microwave popcorn, drive thru restaurants, the bikini swimsuit, playboy magazine and won the cold war?

    What if we had waited for someone to ride to the rescue then?

    We'd be living a century behind, only the rich would have cars and dinner would still be a huge ordeal involving actual cooking.

    If you're gonna be a member of an optimist club at least be optimistic and if you can't do that instead of bitching try to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

    Now while there is much to be pessimistic about there are not any problems we can't overcome, after all, it's what we do. We're America. High gas prices? Build more refineries. Ongoing war? Let the dogs off the leash and let them do what they are trained to do and they'll make short work of the war. Keep hindering our soldiers with stupid and dangerous rules of engagement and it will keep dragging on longer than need be. A finer fighting source has not been seen since the days of the Trojans and left to their own devices our military is unstoppable.

    Of course this is all secondary to the major problem this country faces internally and the article sums it up better than I could;
    Perhaps, out of these trying days, we may see a more comprehensive energy policy, a sooner-than-later resolution of the war and, even, a more profound sense of personal responsibility -
    emphasis mine

    It's our lack of personal responsibility. Add in our penchant for instant gratification, our 30 second attention spans and an addiction to sound bites and bumper sticker policy and you have a nation of idiots blithely going through life from one crisis to the next while never really paying attention beyond what they hear around the water cooler.

    This country needs to start paying attention. If we don't we will earn exactly what we receive.

    And what, you may be asking yourself, is that?

    Let's look at a possible scenario.

    Barack Obama becomes the next President of the United States. Being a neophyte on foreign policy (and all policy actually) and not a friend of Israel one can naturally expect that his foreign policy will be weak in helping Israel in time of need. Iran has been rattling their scimitar about Israel for some time now, pursuing nuclear weapons with which they have sworn to use to wipe Israel off the map. Israel, wanting to secure our aid in a war against their enemies will most likely attack Iran between our election day and Baracks swearing in ceremony.

    At this point Syria, Egypt and maybe even Libya will attack Israel. The Palestinian Territories will explode and Saudi Arabia may even sneak into the fray behind the scenes but will keep it very quiet for fear of rousing our anger.

    The Great World War will have begun.

    Nations will quickly jump into one camp or another, mostly by lines of western vs. muslim, with the unknowns being China and Russia.

    The next war on this scale will be war such as humans have never seen, The Middle East will explode as Israel defends herself from attacks on all sides. Meanwhile muslims in other lands will want to join the fight. Some will head to the Middle East. Many will rise up where they stand, sensing attacks on the countries in which they live may weaken the resolve of those governments to stay in the fight.

    France will be overrun with angry muslims destroying everything in sight and killing as many people as possible. Much of the rest of Europe will suffer the same fate. In the United States all will be fairly quiet for a few months and sleeper cells gear up. Eventually though they will start a terror campaign here that will rival the onslaught Israel has faced in the past, with bombers destroying buses and pizza joints and who knows what else.

    At this point the American citizenry, seeing that the government cannot protect them will rise up and take matters into their own hands. Militias, hastily formed and loosely organized will begin the clear out their neighborhoods, then their towns and on up until they have secured the country. At this point anyone appearing muslim will either flee or be killed.

    Then the real trouble will start.

    At this point the Nation of Islam may try to stand with their ideological brethren. What would happen one wonders, if suddenly your enemy weren't so easily distinguishable by accent or appearance but instead was born and raised here, converted to Islam in prison and had decided to fight alongside his Islamic brothers?

    Why, we'd probably have a race war. Differentiating a Nation of Islam member from your ordinary average "african-american" male will be mightily difficult when they realize that sticking out as a member of a group that has been targeted for relocation is not a smart thing to do and go into hiding by attempting to appear innocuous.

    So what happens then? I have some predictions about that.

    I predict that Dearborn, Michigan will be razed to the ground by the Michigan Militia in an assault that leaves precious little recognizable in its' wake.

    I predict that the coming war, when it hits our streets is going to look worse than the civil war for what it does to the country.

    I predict that this will be the costliest, bloodiest war yet, and may be the longest.

    I also predict that by war's end mosques will be a rarity in this country and in most parts of the world, as will devout muslims and their apologists.

    But here's one thing that isn't a prediction.

    We will not let Freedoms' Torch be extinguished nor allow another dark age to be ushered in no matter how devoutly the adherents to Islam wish it to be otherwise.

    We will fight on to victory, no matter the cost, no matter the burden.

    We will not falter.

    We will not fail.

    We will prevail.

    And THAT you can take to the bank.
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