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    I demand the government make certain I have a roof over my head every day of my life, even if I have done nothing personally to earn it.

    I demand the government make certain I always have food to eat, even if I have sat on my ass and done nothing for it.

    I demand the government make certain I can always see a doctor when I feel the need even if I have not worked one day in my life.

    I demand the government make certain I can get around town on public transportation so I do not have to walk in the heat or rain.

    I demand the government pay for any and all education I care to pursue even if I do nothing with it.

    I demand the government clothe me so I am protected from the elements as I go about my daily business of discussing philosophy with other slackers at the local coffee house.

    I demand I be left alone to pursue the life of my choice, whether it's laying around discussing philosophy or taking yet another class on underwater basket weaving techniques of the Eastern Fugawi Tribe.

    I demand the government take care of me, and everyone else, from cradle to grave, no matter what we may or may not do with our lives. The government has a job to do....taking care of us....they have no right to demand that we are productive citizens or that we contribute to our upkeep.

    It is their job.

    It is our job to accept such largess.

    I am today's youth.

    I have spoken.

    Are you listening?
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