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    With Justin Timberlake's remarks while hosting the Espy Awards about Paul Pierce's "injured knee" in the NBA playoffs last season being left on the cutting room floor I must take this opportunity to be as offensive as possible and mention that The Obamessiah seems to be shuckin' and jivin' his way through this election.

    Between Timberlake's remarks and Michael Savage being railed against for talking about autistic kids and Don Imus's famous comment about nappy headed hoes we have a serious dent being made in the free speech department here in the good old U.S. of A.

    Home of the free? As long as you don't say anything to upset some "oppressed" group of whiny activists, sure. Once upon a time we had a First Amendment to the Constitution that guaranteed a person the right to say what was on their mind as long as they weren't shouting 'FIRE' in a crowded theater. I have always wondered if shouting fire in a nearly empty theater would be a bad thing.

    I think too many groups in this country are way too damned sensitive when it comes to what other people say about them. They say it "offends" them and "hurts their feelings." They say it is mean and degrading. They seem to believe they have some mythical right to go through life without being "offended" by what they see and hear.

    First off you have no right to not be offended. The upside of that is you have every right to offend others. If something someone says "offends" you then maybe the truth of what they are saying is hitting too close to home. Maybe instead of railing about the injustice of living in a land that guarantees its' citizens the right to free speech you should work on changing whatever quality you possess that caused you to be offended in the first place.

    Now don't let the fact that I am writing this rant in black face cause you to think I am a racist. I happen to think all the races are about even, it's the culture you are raised in that makes you what and who you are, but lawdy don't tell people THAT because you'll just confuse them. You see, they have been told for so long that every culture is equal to another culture, even though in some cultures it is expected that your children will graduate school and work to make something of their lives and in other cultures it is expected that men will impregnate women and leave them to be a "baby mama" and those same women are expected to have children by different men during the course of her breeding life, which in some cases starts at about 14 years of age.

    Maybe a culture wherein men are not held to their duty of actually being a father has something to do with the constant struggle of that segment of society and not what some shock jock or awards show emcee says in his monologue. Maybe the culture that celebrates men having many babies with several women and not sticking around to raise any of them while calling those same women "bitches" and "hoes" must share some of the blame for that segment of society that just can't seem to pull themselves up from the bottom of society.

    Maybe, just maybe, the culture that surrounds and permeates the black community, a culture of their own doing, where "gansta' rappers" and "thugs" are held in high esteem and the man with a steady job and one women who takes the time to raise his children is ridiculed as a fool and an "Uncle Tom" might have something to do with the historically low position of Black America.

    If I were to be called a cracker not one person would stand up and say "that aint right" or "that's offensive" but let me utter the word 'nigger" or 'wetback' or 'spic' or any one of a dozen other "offensive" or "racially charged" words or phrases and see how fast the PC police are knocking on my door with a cease, desist and grovel for forgiveness order.

    Just so we know we are on the same page here let me say it again.


    And if that statement offends you, too bad.
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