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    I stumbled upon this site today that featured a haiku called "The Gatekeeper Haiku." In honor of this haiku (and because I believe in countering the slanted BS from the left) I present you with;

    Kender's Immigration Haiku's

    Running through canyons
    La Migra gringos close in
    I must dump the drugs

    Two dollars a day
    I have too many kids to feed
    I will go wash cars

    Landscape America
    Scrub the white man's bathroom down
    Send my money home

    No speeka eengleesh
    Unless you need my labor
    Ten bucks an hour

    I am poor worker
    My six kids need doctors care
    Hospital is closed?

    Enforcing your laws
    Is hateful and mean to me
    I just want to work

    I ran down your kid
    While drunk as Kennedy man
    Home to Mexico

    Gringos have no sense
    Give me all I need to live
    White guilt is the best

    A walled up border
    Is no match for mexicans
    Who just want to work

    You stole all our land
    We will take it back from you
    Guadalupe what?

    No wetback am I
    I crawled under chain link fence
    I am a scratchback

    Feel free to leave your own in the comments.
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