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    OK, so some comedy writer said there isn't anything funny to write about Obama. Not true.

    Aside from the fact that he has ears darn near large enough for him to catch a good breeze (OH COME ON!!!!!! Like you never noticed those huge meat flaps hanging on the side of his head) there is what appears to be how seriously he takes himself. John McCain on the Conan show the other night pretended to fall asleep while Conan was asking him about his age. He obviously has a sense of humor but aside from an occasional mean jab at Hillary Obama appears to not have much of one.

    I personally think the pretentiousness shown in his speech where he said something along the lines of this is the moment when the oceans stopped rising is ripe for fisking.

    COME ON....if THAT isn't comedy material nothing is...such megalomaniacal presumptuousness can not possibly be left alone, but leave it alone everyone seems to have far.

    Can you imagine what kind of a mental breakdown this man is setting himself up for if he loses? He is believing the hype about his messiah-ness. Hell, he plays on it by advising his backers to tell people "how they came to Obama"....not about the issues and HOW he planes to do all these wonderful, pie-in-the-sky things he claims to want to do, but just "how they came to the messiah." If he loses he'll sit and wonder what went wrong. How could HE, the Savior of Mankind possibly have failed in His quest to become President?

    Of course if he wins and takes that attitude to the White House I can see some very interesting State of the Union speeches.

    Maybe when writing of Obama we should start capitalizing the word "he" and "him" so as not to offend the omnipotent candidate.

    Then again maybe they are right. Maybe there is some truth to this whole messiah thing. Obama certainly seems to be immune from serious mainstream journalists looking too deeply into his life and being critical about his serious lack of experience. Maybe He really is some sort of messiah sent to save us from ourselves and I shouldn't even hit the publish button. After all, is He is the retribution I may face could be serious. Who knows what an omnipotent Obama would do to someone who made fun of those big ass ears he's totin'.

    I have spoken to several Obama supporters and not one of them could tell me one thing he would change or how he would do it. They speak in abstracts about Obama "healing the rift" and "bringing people together." I tell them that Obama won't bring anyone together because those that stand against him are against him for damned good reasons, chief among them being he's a friggin socialist and will run this country further into the ground.

    They never have an answer for that, but if he wins the election and we are proven correct about him I am sure they'll find a way to blame it all on Bush, shrug it off and continue on worshiping the Great Black Eared God.
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