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    Take the title of this post to heart. It is the truth. The hard core unadulterated truth.

    Barack Hussein Obama is a dyed in the wool, indoctrinated subversive communist.

    Don't believe me?

    Here's a great report on his mentors. This man has been steeped in commie propaganda and claptrap since he was a wee bairn, suckled on the teat of socialist ideals and weaned on Marxist teachings and it shows.

    His plans all revolve around some nebulous mantra of hope and change, change and hope, with huge plans to take care of all different segments of society. Claiming to have plans to tax "the rich" he can't tell you what defines "rich."

    This man's mentors are a bunch of America hating zealots, intent on the destruction of the freedoms we enjoy and have earned. For a good primer of where we are in the cycle of socialism that eventually will, if left unchecked, destroy a country read this article here.

    Obama will push us towards the latter part of stage two, possibly even, with a Congress that is on his side, into the early stages of stage three IF he were to get a second term.

    Those that support Hussein for President and aiding our enemies in their task to destroy the West. Congratulations for that, folks. How does it feel to be a mindless pawn in the destruction of your own freedom?

    UPDATE: Several people have emailed me other things that need to be in this post. Such as the fact that Obama's official blogger flies a commie flag.

    Or the one about Obamessiah's plan to have a civilian national security force (brown shirts anyone?) that is "just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." So Obamessiah would effectively double the national defense budget but instead of having soldiers in the field we'd have rats in the streets. We could make Russia look like an open society. I'd wager these folks would be responsible for enforcing hate speech codes, political correctness rules and environmental regulations.

    What about Hussein's plan to up our taxes by some outrageous amount by effectively paying a global tax to the friggin' UN?

    There's the story of Tony Rezko, which most people don't seem to pay much attention to, but which is indicative of the corruption Obama will bring to the White House, just like Clinton did.

    For me THIS video says it all.

    If you have other articles that point out Obama's communist leanings please leave them in the comments.

    When Obama says "change we can believe in" he is lying, because the sheeple inhabiting the United States aren't going to believe the change Obama will bring. They'll sure believe in hope though, because once Hussein is done taxing us into poverty and dragging us into a socialist quagmire hope is going to be the only thing you will be able to afford to have.
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