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    Red light cameras have become common place and now that they are the government is looking to expand on them. Tailpipe emissions cameras and parking space cameras are already deployed. Vans equipped with cameras roll down our highways unmarked and catch speeders. Now from a German company comes the latest camera innovation sure to send you tickets in the mail and pushing us ever closer to a society monitored 24/7 on screen by a low paid clerk.

    Tire tread cameras.

    I expect once we fall in line and accept this encroachment by automated tickets the government can come up with the ways to tax us by fining us for all kinds of other things.

    May I propose a "Fart Gas Camera that detects when you pass gas and increase global warming?

    How about respirator monitors to tax you for each breath?

    Extra taxes for each pound of weight you are over according to government charts? I mean, if you are over weight you obviously ate more than your fair share of food so you should pay for being fat and lazy too, right?

    Seriously, when is government intrusion into our lives gonna end?
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