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    It's been 3 years....still laughing thru the tears....thanks was a blast
    It's the season where we try
    And find the perfect little gift
    To make our loved ones smile
    Give their hearts a little lift
    Jewelry, games and dolls galore
    Knick knacks, doo dads and the like
    A new train set, some roller skates
    Don't forget the new red bike
    Grandma gets some new plush slippers
    Dad gets yet another tie
    While we hurry to and fro
    And never stop to wonder why
    Why do we run so frantic
    When the greatest gift of all
    Was given to us long ago
    When He was born within a stall
    He came to do the laundry
    Washed the sin right from your soul
    Walked on water, healed the lepers
    Fed the masses with a loaf
    His life gives hope and promise
    Of eternity unbound
    Within His story all the lessons
    Of Salvation can be found
    So as you scurry quickly
    In this season of the cold
    I want you to remember
    The Greatest Story Ever Told
    No gift on Earth can equal
    What the Lord above has done
    He sent us our salvation
    When He Sent His only Son