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    The tree lies in the grave shallow
    Cars sun in the parking lot always
    Burning never tanning
    Open cans in my shoes dance
    a cocaine induced ballet
    Can the orange ride a bike
    in blue jeans while singing?

    Bleach stained dogs meow
    At passing bums on trains
    Of straw bales shivering
    In the heat of summers juice
    A flea screams rock and roll
    In perfect pitch
    With bombs over London
    Playing the bagpipes
    Can you hear Amazing Grace?

    The grass on the roof
    Needs mown sunday
    Else church will let out early
    The sheaves of winter
    Hang heavy on ears
    Of apple bunches in earnest
    The days flow backwards
    When the nights run marathons
    Of drunken revelry
    A DUI earns you an office
    In Congress

    Living underneath the Hollywood sign
    Is as close to stardom as I'll ever find
    For this old bum
    But I don't mind
    I had my 15 minutes of fame
    When I saved that woman from the mugger
    In the alley I was sleeping in
    Back in '89
    But I don't mind
    Cuz I wake up every morning a free man
    Able to come and go at will
    In the City of Lost Hopes and Shattered Dreams
    Living on a dime
    But I dont mind
    And while you fly by in your beemers
    Or crawl by in traffic in your Hummers
    Living your hurried life
    Not seeing me or my kind
    We don't mind
    Cuz Freedom rides proud on our shoulder
    Not tethered by the burdens of payments
    Weighed down by the demands of bosses
    Or harried by the ever present deadline
    And we don't mind
    So think about your shackles
    Never mind our freedom
    And throw away your pity
    When you do notice us
    When you're stuck on San Vicente Boulevard
    Waiting for a light
    If you don't mind
    Because the only time we cross your thoughts
    Is when you avoid us as you leave the store
    Your cart over flowing
    Your deadlines pressing
    And your guilt fleeting
    And maybe, just maybe
    You toss us that dime
    And we say God Bless You
    Idly wondering
    If God minds
    Some very well meaning folks have sent me several links lately after my explosion regarding the health care bill. I have spent the past few days reading them and re-reading the parts of the bill I had trouble with and with the exception of a couple of points which I will cover in a moment it really doesn't look like such a bad thing after all.

    It will of course drive private insurers out of business eventually. However I see the good done by this and when eventually we do have a single payer system the numbers actually add up quite nicely for being able to cover everyone at what is paid in insurance currently.

    It works like this. Currently people pay for insurance and the insurance companies use that money to administer policies, pay out claims and make a profit. Even though the health insurance business has a lower than average profit margin those profit margins are more than adequate to cover the uninsured IF they were actually used for medical services and not profit.

    Of course we would have to give the employees working in the industry preference in hiring for the government run program administering this program but they already know the business so that's actually a benefit as we wouldn't need to train millions of people before they could do their job.

    With the profit motive taken away from insurance, doctors could get a fair wage for their work, everyone could have access to the medical treatment they need and we will show those french how it's done.

    I want to thank everyone who sent me links and insisted I at least read them. You have opened my eyes and I apologize for being such an obstinate jerk. Thank you, kender