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    This chick (term used loosely) is nuts and got me to thinking.  She's got it bassackwards.  But her insanity is very entertaining to us fellows, unless you run across her in a bar at closing time.  Without further ado, here's a little something she can chew on.

    The Penis Rant

    Women on the left scream they are more than just a vagina then base their world view around their vaginas, i.e. abortion/free birth control. Which is odd because women are more than just a vagina. Men, on the other hand are no more than a life support system for their penis but men are OK with this.

    Face it, we get up and go to work because of our penis. Work means we get money, money means we can take women out to dinner. Taking women out to dinner sometimes leads to having sex. Having sex makes our penis very happy.

    We try to dress nicely because of our penis. Women like well dressed men. A well dressed man is more likely to have a woman undress him and have sex with him. When women undress our well dressed selves and have sex with us the penis is happy.

    We shower because of our penis. Women like clean, nice smelling men. If you're a clean, nice smelling man there is a higher likelihood of some woman having sex with you. When they have sex with you the penis is happy.

    So while women may scream they are more than just a vagina and then undertake actions that go against that very statement, us guys know we aren't more than our penis and we not only don't claim we are but we worship our penis. It is our reason for existing and now you women can understand why we get confused when you, too, do not worship our almighty, all driving, only-reason-for-existing penis as we do.