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    "Before the game is afoot, thou still let'st slip.”
    Will be the hue and cry from e'ery leftist lip
    They could not wait for election day
    To enact their evil cheating way
    Voter fraud The dish of the day
    As liberty has faltered
    They take up The battle cry
    As supplications to God fly
    Good patriots will walk the line
    As liberty does falter
    The cards are stacked against us lads
    The battle's been foretold
    We will see, with Gods pure grace
    Many enemy dead and cold
    And liberty wont falter
    Within our breast pounds freedoms beat
    Stronger than the demons heat
    Ahead lie glorious timeless feats
    As Liberty cannot falter
    Never doubt your destiny
    Nameless even tho you be
    As the one to save our liberty
    For Freedom shall not falter
    Strike up the band, your courage beats
    Within your hearts existence free
    For those who fear us surely flee
    Against the onslaught of Liberty
    As they know we will not falter
    Raise up the flag, the stars and stripes
    Old Glory and the cross
    We're here to wrest our Liberty
    From those to whom life is dross
    Any price we'll gladly pay
    Any hardship night or day
    The outcome's certain just one way
    As Liberty won't falter
    Scream your hatred, steal the vote
    Upon a darkened wall is wrote
    When freedom with a snarl woke
    The battle was bloody and many died
    Brought on by years of deceptions and lies
    And in many graves brave men do lie
    And when we buried our honored dead
    Built cairns on hallowed ground
    Sometimes at night across the tombs
    Came a hollow haunting sound
    Bemoaning in the whispered breeze
    Across the marker stones
    Was one sure phrase to chill the spine
    You never fought alone
    We had your backs true patriots
    From japan out to Gibraltar
    Your served us well as soldiers should
    So Freedom Didn't Falter.
    You think you know me?
    I'm an American
    I bleed Red, White and Blue
    It don't matter if my skin is black, white, yellow or brown
    You think you know me?
    I'm an American
    I don't need your welfare
    I can do it on my own like my forefathers
    You think YOU know ME?
    I'm an American
    I am generous to my friends, and death to my enemies
    YOU think YOU know ME???
    I am an AMERICAN
    Born in the fires of Revolution, I eat tyranny and bring Liberty
    You THINK you know me...
    I am an American
    Your best friend, your worst enemy
    You think I'm weak?
    You think I'm done?
    You think I've lost?
    You think you've won?
    Then you DON'T know me...
    ...about someone trying to either drag me into a fight for some reason or drive a wedge between me and someone I adore beyond measure, so this is a little ditty I wrote when this troublesome creature popped to mind when I was, fittingly, on the commode. I'd advise her against ever uttering my name again, as I hold a stylish neutral colored belt in sarcasm to the nth degree and love nothing more than making someone cry, and she is already, by some accounts, on such a razors edge of sanity that it's just be a feathers touch to send her completely over the edge.  She'll know who she is....and when she reads this I just want her to know back off, fuck off or die off, just leave my name out of your mouth doesn't sound pretty enough in there for you to utter it:

    Oh penny dear penny
    what have you done
    A life full of lies
    most spent on the run
    Stealing buildings and stuff
    from a hero of war
    Leaving us all to wonder
    what the hell you're good for
    Spreading lies of debauchery,
    your mouth full of deceit
    When the truth comes a-callin'
    you'd best be fast on your feet
    Cuz you can't hide from the law,
    a long arm justice has
    You're a cheap lying whore
    who's all ass and no class