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    This chick (term used loosely) is nuts and got me to thinking.  She's got it bassackwards.  But her insanity is very entertaining to us fellows, unless you run across her in a bar at closing time.  Without further ado, here's a little something she can chew on.

    The Penis Rant

    Women on the left scream they are more than just a vagina then base their world view around their vaginas, i.e. abortion/free birth control. Which is odd because women are more than just a vagina. Men, on the other hand are no more than a life support system for their penis but men are OK with this.

    Face it, we get up and go to work because of our penis. Work means we get money, money means we can take women out to dinner. Taking women out to dinner sometimes leads to having sex. Having sex makes our penis very happy.

    We try to dress nicely because of our penis. Women like well dressed men. A well dressed man is more likely to have a woman undress him and have sex with him. When women undress our well dressed selves and have sex with us the penis is happy.

    We shower because of our penis. Women like clean, nice smelling men. If you're a clean, nice smelling man there is a higher likelihood of some woman having sex with you. When they have sex with you the penis is happy.

    So while women may scream they are more than just a vagina and then undertake actions that go against that very statement, us guys know we aren't more than our penis and we not only don't claim we are but we worship our penis. It is our reason for existing and now you women can understand why we get confused when you, too, do not worship our almighty, all driving, only-reason-for-existing penis as we do.
    This is in reply to this open letter on Daily Kos I just came across thanks to a dear friend and FB mom. LINK

    Dear Kos Kids,

    You folks seem to be under the impression that conservatives hate everyone who isn't a rich white guy or his subservient wife. You think we hate gays, black people, brown people, yellow people, poor people, muslim people, buddhist people, yaddita yaddita yaddita and the list goes on.  You couldn't be more wrong.

    What we hate is an ideology that wants more government control.  What we hate are people who believe it's absolutely ok for government to force a social conscience on us by law while yelling about some bogey man priest who wants to put a moral conscience on you by law.  The fact that your hypocrisy knows no bounds also annoys us so I guess we hate your hypocrisy too.  What we hate is the idea that government is going to run our lives and that we must seek their approval and permission to do virtually anything but create a child we are then free to murder before it's born.  We hate the idea you hold that we are not capable of providing for ourselves and must have government watching over our shoulder constantly.  We hate the idea of our hard earned money being confiscated by threat of imprisonment or worse only to watch it being handed over to those whose only qualifications for receiving it is that they have failed to provide for themselves and their families.

    We hate the idea of being forced to join a union who then spends our dues money taken from us by force on politicians we wouldn't even piss on if they were aflame.  We hate the fact that your racism is seen as kindness, while our realism is seen as racism. We hate that you're so blindingly ignorant, stupid and obtuse that you believe "diversity" is a good thing, never realizing that diversity only means different, not better or worse.  We hate your unrealistic view of the world, seeking a false equality based on nothing more than existence without merit. We hate that no matter how many times we calmly explain the precepts of Natural Law, Liberty and Free Market Capitalism you're only retort is "Oh yeah? You're a racist/bigot/hateful/misogynist."

    We hate the fact that you always take humanity out of the equation when discussing civilization, and constantly attempt to take away our rights of self defense.  We hate that you wish upon all of us a system devoid of reward for merit. We hate your support of race baiters who bring nothing but trouble and divisiveness. We hate your misogyny and we hate how you see the world through the lens of race, class and sexual orientation.  We hate that you cannot grasp that if you do not, yourself, possess a right you cannot give that right to the government. But we hate, most of all, your hate of us, Liberty, Natural Law and Free Market Capitalism.

    But enough about hate.  Let's talk about what we love.

    We love the idea that a man (or woman, I know how you love to latch onto one little point and beat it like a red headed stepchild, so let's be clear on that point) living in Liberty and making decisions based upon their desires and accepting personal responsibility for themselves, and dealing with the rewards or consequences of those decisions can better not only their life, but that of their family, friends and community.  We love the idea of personal choice, of being able to decide who we should assist with the fruits of our labors, if anyone.  A great many of us are Christians.  Not the gay bashing sort of westboro, but loving kind people who believe it is our PERSONAL DUTY to act charitably.  We love being charitable. Let me say that again.  WE love being charitable.  We don't believe what the government does is charity. We know it is theft.

    We love the idea that a man can take the fruits of his labor, create a business and offer a superior product or service and become wealthy, thus allowing him to live without the worries of being able to provide for those he loves.  We also love being able to provide for those we love.  We love not being dependent upon a government check or program.  We love succeeding on our own merit and abilities, without having some program give us something we haven't earned based upon the color of our skin, where we were born or who we love. We love the idea of true equality, where each have what they have earned, not what was stolen for them in the name of compassion.  We love compassion. We love the idea of allowing people to earn their own way, reaping rewards or suffering consequences for their choices, thus teaching down through the generations the better choices which lead to success instead of the worse choices which lead to failure.

    We love the idea of Liberty.  We love it so much, and think it's such a neato keen concept that we want all of us to live in a society that affords everyone the absolute greatest amount of Liberty possible, even the gay people, black people, brown people etc. etc. etc. We love the idea of people being religious or not, as they see fit, as long as their religion doesn't force us to act or not act as we see fit. We love the fact that we live in a country which allegedly gives us the right to keep and bear arms, because we love personal responsibility and we love the fact that everyone has the natural right under natural law to defend their life and property from those who would steal them from us. We love the idea that we were born with certain inalienable rights, and they cannot be taken from us unless we allow it to happen.

    So on that note know this. Your ideals of an all powerful, all intrusive and all controlling government is something else we hate, because it goes against all we love. Your ideals which we hate so deeply will not win out against us and our ideals we love so dearly. Because evil never wins. And what you advocate is evil. It is the idea of dragging down the successful who have earned it in a vain attempt to raise up those who have not, and that never works because simply spreading around the wealth will never teach those who fail how to succeed.  The best teacher for that is failure.  I know, I know, that sounds like it makes no sense but if you think about it not only does it make sense but it's exactly what all living things have been doing throughout the entire history of existence.   The creatures that learned how to care for themselves and survive are still here, those that did not, aren't.

    So keep pushing your evil ideology of failure and theft.  It's been said the Tree of Liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike, and us patriots have had just about enough of your tyrannical ways and that tree is looking a mite thirsty.

    Sincerely, Kender MacGowan
    Racism: noun; a belief that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior. Source

    I have been thinking a lot about John Derbyshire's Taki column that got him booted from National Review. I've also been having some conversations on the column and race in America, both in person and via the Internet. In this time when screaming "racism" at every turn as a means to stifle one's opponent has become commonplace, my rule of thumb is to demand that the accusers "Show Me The Racism."

    While Derbyshire's column was not pleasing in tone, there was nothing that was clearly of a racist nature and only a very little that could be spun and "interpreted" to be so. The one argument Derbyshire makes that seems to be causing the greatest uproar is his recognition that Blacks tend to score lower on IQ tests than people of other cultures in America.  The uproar appears to be over the sensitivity that people have to the notion that to speak the truth about these scores might encourage bigots to conclude that these low IQ scores are a product of Black peoples' mental inferiority. 

    But that is not what Derbyshire said.  Ignoring or obfuscating the facts in order to prevent bigots from using the facts in an inappropriate manner neither serves the truth nor does Derbyshire's refusal to do so in any way make him a racist. Nowhere did it advocate being racist.  People are naturally sensitive to marking an entire group of people not as smart as another group of people, yet no whites that I have heard of are complaining about Derbyshire's pointing out the fact that Asians, as a group, score higher than whites on those same IQ tests.  The fact that Asians DO score higher than whites, on average, points out that the tests are not culturally biased, or if they are they must be culturally biased in favor of Asians.

    Where Derbyshire went wrong is in not mentioning that the most likely reason for the IQ test score averages are cultural.  The sad fact is that the black community does not put a high priority on education, as evidenced by any number of objective statistics not least of them the high drop out rate in the African-American community.  Few deny that Asian-Americans score unusually high on similar aptitude tests and fewer still ascribe it to traits inherent to their race or skin color.

    I defy anyone to show me the racism in Derbyshire's column, or even a single lie or an instance of where he was dead wrong. The fact that the left threw Derbyshire under the bus is to be expected. The fact that the right did it so easily is a terrifying reality of life in America today, as it proves you are not allowed to point out uncomfortable truths. The right's willingness to look no further than the tone and accept the charge of Derbyshire's racism is proof positive that no matter the talk on the right about seeking the truth when it comes to being called names, and wrongly being called those names, those on the right are just as weak willed as always.

    Here are perhaps the most outrageous facts from Derbyshire's article summed up for the sake of expediency. "The mean intelligence of blacks is much lower than for whites."  While this could have been couched in more diplomatic terms, if standard IQ tests are a fair arbiter, than Derbyshire's statement is nothing other than the reporting of an unpleasant truth. Many have also taken Derbyshire to task for writing: If you are at some public event at which the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.” Given the relatively new phenomena of "Flash Mobs" and that these violent mobs have been, almost without exception, comprised almost exclusively of black youths, Derbyshire is only applying prudent advice to objective facts.  The charge of "racism" could posssibly apply if Derbyshire had attempted to explain the cause of black Flash Mobs.  But he didn't.  Does anyone out there deny the existence of Flash Mobs?  Is the claim that these Flash Mobs are almost exclusively predominently black?  So how, exactly, is being aware of and responding prudently to the facts an act of bigotry? And finally, “Do not settle in a district or municipality run by black politicians.” This one is simply common sense. Those areas run by black politicians tend to have a high black population and statistics show, as has been mentioned, that crime is higher in an area with a higher black population. Detroit has been run by black politicians for years, and by not one standard is it considered a decent place to live. Again, there is no racism here, simply common sense.

    In order to make their point, a number of the anti-Derbyshire people I've spoken with have engaged in intellectual dishonesty.  They acknowledge the accuracy of the things the author claims, but take exception to the fact that in raw numbers it is whites who commit more crimes or drop out of school more, etc.  Of course they do, there are far more of them in general.  When a community of perhaps 12 percent of the population commits eighty percent of the murders the raw numbers may be lower, but clearly there's a cultural pattern.

    Of course, no discussion on racism in America would be complete without asking why the left is so ready to yell racism and shut down the dialogue. The short answer is the left has a vested interest in identity politics, of playing groups against each other and keeping Blacks on the modern plantation of welfare, food stamps and government housing. It equals control and virtually guarantees votes for the side promising to punish the rich and give to the poor.

    You will notice we hear the left scream "KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER" when it comes to immigration, but the same hue and cry is singularly absent from the welfare system, where it is exceedingly hard for someone to get welfare if dad is present. Let the father leave, however, and the deadbeat dad laws kick in with program after program to help the single mother and her offspring while the state does everything in its power, up to and including taking away the father’s ability to make a living, to punish the man for leaving and not supporting those children. The schism in chasing the father away so the kids may have a roof and food is fodder for another whole series of columns, and I digress.

    The racism one sees in America is not from the right in some column on a website whose very description reads:

    We at Taki’s Magazine take our politics like we take life—lightly. We believe political labels such as conservative and liberal are as outdated as flared trousers and Nazis. Ideology is a false god, a secular religion that seeks vainly to create a paradise on Earth. Our only ideology is to be against the junk culture foisted upon us and mirages of a new world order. Think of us what you will, but read us. Our writers are never boring.

    It is seen from the left, who push identity politics, dividing groups by various demographics, promising to punish those who have in order to reward those who don't, and shutting down the dialogue for fear of the exposure which would surely have those most harmed by their policies running from them in droves. The left's position on race is one of "you're not as capable, so somebody owes you," and THAT is racism defined.

    So far nobody has been able to show me definitive proof of racism in Derbyshire's column outside of Derbyshire's own admittance to being a racist, albeit a mild and tolerant racist. So even though the words came from a self-proclaimed mild and tolerant racist, there was nothing wrong in his column: no lies, half-truths, fabrications or indeed anything outside of facts. In case it escapes you--and no matter what the left claims--facts are simply facts and cannot be racist.

    Derbyshire's column, instead of getting him fired and blackballed, should have opened up a dialogue on the underlying causes of those higher crime rates and lower test scores. Until we can leave the knee-jerk rhetoric behind and stop yelling "RACIST" at anyone who speaks to these issues, we will never be able to have an honest discussion on the subject and that is the saddest truth to come from this whole debacle.
    I rarely write here anymore, just the occasional random posting.   Facebook has sucked me in (and face it, it IS a great networking tool) so I spend most of my time there networking with like minded folks. Feel free to add me if you're on there, just be warned I am very political there. It was suggested to me I should post links to what I do spend my time on now which is promoting my book. There are three of them, Shattered Ashen Heart, The Hunter and The Elf Queen and Watering the Tree, Thoughts on Liberty and Tyranny (Foreword by Evan Sayet-yeah I'm name dropping) and you can find them at the following sites:

    Amazon (paperback and Kindle

    B& (paperback and Nook)

    Smashwords (several ebook formats)

    You can also search iTunes for "Kender MacGowan" (I don't have iTunes so I can't get the link) and if you have a favorite online retailer that doesn't carry them email me here  with the site info and I will try to get on that site.
    I rarely write here anymore, just the occasional random posting.   Facebook has sucked me in (and face it, it IS a great networking tool) so I spend most of my time there networking with like minded folks. Feel free to add me. It was suggested to me I should post links to what I do spend my time on now which is promoting my book. Well, actually there are three of them but the one you need to read as a conservative (and if you're NOT a conservative what ARE you doing here?) is Watering the Tree, Thoughts on Liberty and Tyranny (Foreword by Evan Sayet-yeah I'm name dropping) and you can find it at the following sites:

    amazon (paperback)

    Amazon (Kindle)

    B& (paperback)

    B&N .com (Nook)

    Smashwords (eBook)

    Createspace (paperback)

    Plus it's on the apple store and all those sites for books on your phones and all....Smashwords has it in just about every ebook format. My twitter is @kender1 and here's facebook:

    Kender on Facebook

    Thanks for stopping by.....

    I rarely argue anything from a religious viewpoint. With that said I give you:

    The Seven Deadly Sins and How the Left Supports, Encourages and Praises Them.

    The Seven Deadly Sins, for those who do not know, is a list considered to be the base sins of all others. All sins can be traced to one of the seven on the list. The list is: Envy, Sloth, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Pride and Wrath. What follows are examples of how the liberal establishment in America, from the government to academia and media (including Hollywood) support, encourage and praise the actions which lead to the downfall of man, destroying those qualities which make him good and leading him to be a worse human being, causing society as a whole to degrade into a morally, intellectually and physically lazy state.

    Let's start with the most common sin for a liberal. Envy. Liberalism is about the politics of envy. Envy of the rich and envy of the successful. In a recent speech President Obama made specific mention of private jet owners in an attempt to use envy to secure higher taxes. One of the ideas supported by liberals is “if you have a job someone else is unable to have a job therefore you owe them.” It is envy in it's purest form. When you strip away the language about equality, fairness and the common good, the thinking behind liberalism, (what there is of it) is “Since you have it I can't and that's not fair so you owe me.” Rhetoric from the left is full of “tax the rich” slogans and it's no accident socialist workers groups, unions and “social justice” groups are all to be found in the liberal camp. All of these groups support collectivism of one sort or another. It's always about sticking it to the rich guy which, in liberalism, happens to be anyone with more money than you. Liberalism's effective use of envy is their most constant and consistent deadly sin, the one which has brought them the most success but it is not the one with the most adverse effect on humanity. For that one we have to turn to sloth.

    Sloth is what drives the common liberals actions. Sloth is laziness and few things are as lazy as liberalism. Liberalism demands government do something about every little problem instead of working on a way to make the problem right themselves, and that's where sloth comes into play. What they fail to take into consideration is in order for someone to deal with the problem government takes money from those who aren't slothful (because they are employed) and work to lessen their own problems. Now, this isn't to say all liberals are not gainfully employed. Many of them are, and make quite a bit of money. One would think someone who is employed (and presumably paying taxes) would think about where the money to fix these problems comes from, but their laziness is greater than their ability to think, apparently. Of course, this leads us to the next deadly sin the liberals commit on a regular basis, which is greed, but not completely in the traditional sense.

    Liberals possess great amounts of greed for wealth, as long as the wealth belongs to someone else. Liberals are always after the wealth of “the rich” (there's that envy again) and yet, those liberals in power, the big “L” Liberals, continue to amass great wealth, fly on private jets and ride in limos while telling us to sacrifice and ride the bus. While we are told sacrifice for the good of the country the greed of the unions runs unchecked, with demands for greater salaries and benefits along with refusals to increase contributions and raise the age of retirement thus showing the pattern of liberal greed. In the last year Nancy Pelosi's net worth increased by eight million dollars to $45,000,000 dollars. One would think Pelosi would redistribute her personal wealth before demanding everyone else do so but hypocrisy is another word the left never apply to themselves

    The greed liberal's possess is not only the greed for wealth (even though the wealth of the top liberals in government would have you think otherwise) but greed for power. Liberals greed for power also knows no bounds, and the expansion of government under liberals has undergone a turbo boost since 2008. President Obama, unable to get many of his ideas through Congress, has taken to using regulations issued by government agencies to secure more power over the economy, business and our personal lives. As one example the Environmental Protection Agency is in the process of issuing regulations that will cause Texas refineries to shed jobs. His failure to secure cap and trade regulation has not stopped him from pursuing power through other means. Remember this is the man who said his energy plan would substantially cause energy costs to “skyrocket.” He failed to secure his plans through Congress so his pursuit of power continues through other channels. The attainment of power over all aspects of your life is the goal of modern liberals, and they will pursue these goals through any means available to them.

    Try this exercise if you believe the federal government isn't overbearing and into every corner of your life. Think of one thing NOT touched by federal laws, edicts or regulations. Just one thing. Go ahead.....I'll wait. Give up? Yeah, I gave up long ago. The federal government has far, far overstepped the bounds of federal authority, aided by a willing media and a complacent Supreme Court, assisted by academia teaching our children “America (and our traditionally held values) bad” and Hollywood making movies where vulgarity is praised and virtue demeaned. Which of course leads us to our next deadly sin, lust.

    Lust plays into a couple of the deadly sins liberals commit in their attack on our Liberty, but is shown most plainly in their support of hedonism (if it feels good do it) and their support of what's been called “the gay agenda.” As is well known the liberal left lets their lust lead them, sometimes to the end of their public career, (witness Anthony Weiner) more often than not, however, it earns them kudos, awards and promotions from their supporters (witness Barney Frank) as the left promotes depravity and isn't known for having any principles. As a counterpoint nearly all those from the other side of the aisle caught in compromising situations leave public life in shame.

    Lust also plays into their greed for power, as liberals lust after power like Lindsay Lohan lusts after Jagermeister, but their support of lust most adversely affects society in their support of vulgarity in the culture making media of TV, films and music. Sex in the City, Brokeback Mountain and Cee Lo Greens “F*** You” are three examples of the vulgarity liberals support, encourage and praise. I just pulled those out of thin air, but I am sure you can think of many, many more. Promoting lust promotes promiscuity, and by extension unwed teenaged mothers who often don't finish school. They then become dependent on welfare and other social programs, which we have seen spring from sloth, greed and envy. The deadly sin of lust leads us into the next deadly sin the left revels in, but again it's not in the traditional sense.

    That next sin is gluttony. But not only gluttony of food, drink and vices. For the liberals we need to go back to a more basic understanding of the word. Overindulgence. The left over indulges the sins of sloth (don't work we'll take care of you), greed (tax the rich so we can take care of you), envy (they have it, you don't, they owe you) and lust (if it feels good do it) this deadly sin alone covers more sins than any other. It's as if liberals have become so efficient at the deadly sins that gluttony becomes an umbrella sin for them with which to commit several sins at once. Liberals talk a good game about restraint, healthy living and smaller portions, but behind the scenes the Obama's had a Super Bowl menu of bratwurst, kielbasa, cheeseburgers, deep dish pizza and buffalo wings, hardly healthy food choices and certainly not those one would expect on the menu of the First Scolder. The gluttony of sins the left commit leads to our next sin, which is pride.

    It's odd to think of the liberals having pride (the flood of parades for latino/black/gay/insert your group here pride parades, days and groups notwithstanding) because pride usually comes from having done something to be proud of, but this is why pride may be one of their worst sins. The things they are proud of are outlined above. They take pride in their sins. They are proud when they raise taxes on “the rich” and create from whole cloth some new right for the poor. They are proud to befriend, defend and support terrorists while degrading, depriving and insulting our allies. They are proud when they support evil, defend vulgarity and subsidize failure. Conversely (and simply as a counterpoint) tax cuts, defense spending and less money for social programs tend to cause liberals to look shameful and apologize to the nearest camera.

    Taking pride in ones sins must surely be a doubly sinful thing to do and this pride in their sins leads to the last sin on the list, and the one that shows itself every time you get liberals together or challenge them with facts, logic and reason. The sin is wrath.

    The wrathful mindset of the liberal shows in everything they do, from their constant calls of “racist” against anyone who challenges them to their protest signs and their slogans. The anger shown by union thugs attacking a black conservative for passing out Gadsden flags at a town hall event in St. Louis only proved to us what we already knew, namely the unions are not afraid to use wrath and attack those with whom they disagree. It wasn't too long ago we heard President Obama say “If they bring a knife, we'll bring a gun”, “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard” and, hearkening back to Jim Crow and signaling the New Racism of the Left “We don't mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”

    Part of this anger is borne out of their inability to have created their socialist utopia. However I am certain part of it comes from deep within, fueled by envy, greed and sloth. That, and the little voice in the back of their mind that calls them a hypocrite for pushing policies advocating theft from those who produce in order to give to those who do not to right some past, cosmic wrong.

    The policies liberals push have never worked on the scale they wish them to, and they never will, because they don't take into account the American Spirit as it has been. If we continue to let the liberals run academia, Hollywood, government and the media the American Spirit that believes one is responsible for their own well being could very well die, and that would be the greatest sin of all.
    This is a story of failure, both present and future.  It is a story of the dysfunctional family unit that is, unfortunately too common in society.  Sure, these particular circumstances are not as common, but the underlying dysfunction is all too common, and there's no sign of it lessening anytime soon.

    There's a lot of insanity in the world today, but I have heard of little as insane as a story I heard today.  There's a woman living hand to mouth at the age of 43, barely able to scrape along financially, with a man who is a little older than her, missing most of his teeth and with a 4th grade education. This man is racist, barely able to read, and scrapes along at what ever labor jobs he can find.
    At one time she showed real promise, was successful and owned a nice house and lived a life of relative ease and comfort. Sure, she smoked quite a bit of weed, but that, she claimed, was to balance out her bi-polar disorder and beat back her anxiety. For him it's always been the same story since he was a child, doing whatever he could to survive, conning people, working at what he could manage to get, but always just struggling along, always waiting for the next big score.

    She was raised in a liberal household, and lived her life as the quintessential liberal, hedonistic, always living for today with a belief system mostly based in feelings. She comes form a good family, full of successful people, a family of people who choose their mates wisely, seeking out those with similar education and goals to further the lives they have each built in their quest for the American Dream. Even given all of this she had a void in her heart. She felt something was missing.

    He was raised in a trailer park, beaten as a child, on his own at a young age when his single mother threw him out into the world.  He learned on the streets to each his own and if he could take it, it was his own.  He learned to trust nobody but himself, and barely able to read, he learned to be crafty, manipulative, wily.  On his own, without family that would care for him, he spent his life doing what he could to make his way, and no matter what he tried the shyster ways he couldn't escape would always lead him to do something to bring his world crashing down around his head.

    They hooked up in a moment when she was weak and lonely, which is always the way of the liberal, as they have nothing greater than themselves to believe in, and he quickly manipulated his way into her life completely. Even though she realized he wasn't right for her, and made attempts to leave him, he always manipulated her into staying through fear and pity, so she stayed with him. Partially because of his manipulation, partly in fear that, at her age, he might be her last shot to fill the void she had in her heart. What she thought the void was from is not, in fact, what caused the void.  What causes the void is a life led with only her immediate needs considered, and never considering what she was building, what life she was leading, what value she contributed to society.

    Instead of leading a life worth living, instead of building up a life of worth and value first, she meandered along, and at the age of 43 thinks she found the thing to fill the void, but instead she has simply brought more suffering and want into her life, and taken a path which virtually assures she will live hand to mouth for years, causing others to suffer from her selfishness, weakness and neediness, including the one person on the planet who is supposed to count on her to give her a life of value.

    For you see, these two have brought a child into the world. I feel sorry for that kid. Forty three years old with a newborn, money almost non-existent, prospects the same. She'll be raised in the feast or famine style the man can provide, with a woman unsuited to be a mother, who only wanted a child so late to try to fill the void in her soul.

    The void in your soul cannot be filled from without, only from within, and the saddest part of this story is now there's an innocent child, brought into the world to a mentally unstable woman and a mentally stunted man, and she will be raised up in this dysfunctional way, someday to be unleashed upon some poor, unsuspecting man to carry on the hollow, pathetic ways which are the only way she'll ever know, ever see, ever live.
    "Before the game is afoot, thou still let'st slip.”
    Will be the hue and cry from e'ery leftist lip
    They could not wait for election day
    To enact their evil cheating way
    Voter fraud The dish of the day
    As liberty has faltered
    They take up The battle cry
    As supplications to God fly
    Good patriots will walk the line
    As liberty does falter
    The cards are stacked against us lads
    The battle's been foretold
    We will see, with Gods pure grace
    Many enemy dead and cold
    And liberty wont falter
    Within our breast pounds freedoms beat
    Stronger than the demons heat
    Ahead lie glorious timeless feats
    As Liberty cannot falter
    Never doubt your destiny
    Nameless even tho you be
    As the one to save our liberty
    For Freedom shall not falter
    Strike up the band, your courage beats
    Within your hearts existence free
    For those who fear us surely flee
    Against the onslaught of Liberty
    As they know we will not falter
    Raise up the flag, the stars and stripes
    Old Glory and the cross
    We're here to wrest our Liberty
    From those to whom life is dross
    Any price we'll gladly pay
    Any hardship night or day
    The outcome's certain just one way
    As Liberty won't falter
    Scream your hatred, steal the vote
    Upon a darkened wall is wrote
    When freedom with a snarl woke
    The battle was bloody and many died
    Brought on by years of deceptions and lies
    And in many graves brave men do lie
    And when we buried our honored dead
    Built cairns on hallowed ground
    Sometimes at night across the tombs
    Came a hollow haunting sound
    Bemoaning in the whispered breeze
    Across the marker stones
    Was one sure phrase to chill the spine
    You never fought alone
    We had your backs true patriots
    From japan out to Gibraltar
    Your served us well as soldiers should
    So Freedom Didn't Falter.
    You think you know me?
    I'm an American
    I bleed Red, White and Blue
    It don't matter if my skin is black, white, yellow or brown
    You think you know me?
    I'm an American
    I don't need your welfare
    I can do it on my own like my forefathers
    You think YOU know ME?
    I'm an American
    I am generous to my friends, and death to my enemies
    YOU think YOU know ME???
    I am an AMERICAN
    Born in the fires of Revolution, I eat tyranny and bring Liberty
    You THINK you know me...
    I am an American
    Your best friend, your worst enemy
    You think I'm weak?
    You think I'm done?
    You think I've lost?
    You think you've won?
    Then you DON'T know me...
    ...about someone trying to either drag me into a fight for some reason or drive a wedge between me and someone I adore beyond measure, so this is a little ditty I wrote when this troublesome creature popped to mind when I was, fittingly, on the commode. I'd advise her against ever uttering my name again, as I hold a stylish neutral colored belt in sarcasm to the nth degree and love nothing more than making someone cry, and she is already, by some accounts, on such a razors edge of sanity that it's just be a feathers touch to send her completely over the edge.  She'll know who she is....and when she reads this I just want her to know back off, fuck off or die off, just leave my name out of your mouth doesn't sound pretty enough in there for you to utter it:

    Oh penny dear penny
    what have you done
    A life full of lies
    most spent on the run
    Stealing buildings and stuff
    from a hero of war
    Leaving us all to wonder
    what the hell you're good for
    Spreading lies of debauchery,
    your mouth full of deceit
    When the truth comes a-callin'
    you'd best be fast on your feet
    Cuz you can't hide from the law,
    a long arm justice has
    You're a cheap lying whore
    who's all ass and no class
    Al Ramirez, who we last saw running in the primary against Cary Fiorina to unseat Barbara Boxer is considering a run for California's 36th District.  Many times in the last election I heard Fiorina was the best candidate possible as she had the most appeal to independents and could self fund, which turned out to be poppycock.  Fiorina was beaten soundly by Boxer and in fact, statewide elections walloped the GOP here in California. 

    Why? Several reasons.  California has a large Hispanic population, and frankly the GOP cannot win without their support.  Al Ramirez brings the support of the Hispanic community.  The GOP, as has been pointed out ad nauseum, must also appeal to voters under 50.  Al Ramirez is under 50 and will appeal to the demographic.  Even though he is under 50 Al Ramirez is just the kind of American Success story the California Republican Party (CRP) should be backing in this race. But more about Al Ramirez and his success story later. The final thing the GOP need to do well here in California is to win in Los Angeles County. 

    That's a hard thing to do, for several reasons. The county is largely Hispanic for one thing, and Hispanics tend, for some reason, to vote democrat when the vote is for a person and conservative when the vote is for an issue.  Witness the last election.  Even though democrats stormed Sacramento handily, the propositions on the ballot went heavily in favor of the conservative wishes.  The Hispanic vote had a lot to do with that, just like it had a lot to do with Prop. 8 a couple of years back.

    As I said earlier, Al Ramirez is the American Success Story.  Frank DeMartini over at RedState has worked with Mr. Ramirez and has a great article on this as well here and you can read more about the accomplishments of Al Ramirez here.

    Al Ramirez brings is the right person at the right time in the right place.  I for one would like to see the CRP throw their weight behind him so we can take back the 36th District and turn this state around.

    Follow Al Ramirez on twitter and facebook.
    He awoke before dawn as he usually did
    But today wasn't just any day
    He showered and shaved with shaky old hands
    And went to the bed where it lay
    A uniform worn by the passage of years
    Slightly faded, lay in all its glory
    The ribbons upon it were starting to fade
    But to him it told quite a story
    He was a kid in June '44
    Storming a beach head in france
    When the fighting was done he put down his gun
    While a french girl taught him to dance
    A few short years later he fought in the snow
    And become one of the Chosin Few
    He thinks on those days when the weather is cold
    And winter is breaking anew
    He fought them in Nam as the monsoons poured down
    While the media at home slurred his name
    Never doubting his mission he had no regrets
    He retired without any shame
    Today he will ride down the main street of town
    As the folks on the sidewalk all cheer
    Tomorrow they'll not recognize him at all
    It happens like this every year
    But he doesn't care he knows what he did
    In all of those far away lands
    And he smiles as he buttons his uniform up
    With his heroic, shaky old hands
    The weather yesterday brought to my senses, for the briefest of moments, a scent that, just for a millisecond, transported me into my memories.  Thoughts of playing touch football in the street during a midsummer rain rushed back and just for that moment I was there.  The smell of hot wet asphalt, the smiles on our faces and the pure joy of a youth unfettered with the concerns of the world mixed with a feeling of never ending security wrapped us in the completeness of the blissful ignorance of youth.

    I can still feel the wet football in my hands as the rain poured down and I hiked the ball to C.B.  Blocking Chris McPhee to keep him off of C.B. as my little brother ran a slant pattern, outrunning chris's little brother kenneth to catch the ball and head for the endzone, which was actually anything beyond the white concrete gutter that ran across our road.  I could feel the lateness of the afternoon, knowing we could play until the street lights came on, and life seemed content, our jobs of being children were secured, for now.

    Then we grew up.  Now I have a son of my own, his life very unlike mine.  Always in constant contact with authority figures via his cell phone.  His days planned out sometimes, with play dates and errands to be run with his mother. His childhood less of a child hood and more of a controlled schedule, much like a celebrity or political figure of some importance.  Our children now are too valauble to be left to their own devices I guess.  Or are we too fearful of our lack of parenting skills, the same lack of parenting skills our parents were sure they lacked, to let our precious snowflakes live a life of their choosing, hoping that between their natural intelligence and and those few skills we have imparted and the warnings we have given them over their few short years that they can make decent enough decisions to survive on their own without us hovering overhead, constantly getting updates as to where they are, who they're with and what time will they be back and do they need a ride?

    Why have we become so fearful of our world, so unsure of our kids abilities to make good choices that we simply feel we aren't being a good parent unless we are there to stop them from making a mistake?

    Mistakes are how we learn.  We learned how to build ramps to jump bikes by learning which design worked and which didn't and yes, sometimes we got hurt.  But nobody sued.  We learned how to climb trees by climbing trees, and yes sometimes we got hurt, but nobody sued.  We learned how to settle our differences, sometimes by fighting, and yes sometimes we got hurt, but nobody sued.

    We learned a lot growing up.  By dealing with each other and learning the skills which help you get along in the rel world. We learned the art of compromise, and when that failed we learned the art of persuasion. When that failed we learned the last resort was fighting.  But always, after the fight, friends made up, agreements were reached and we moved on as friends once again.

    How I long for those halcyon days of youth, unfettered by workaday concerns to be passed along to my son. So he would know a childhood unencumbered by such worldy issues as border security, taxes, islam. Instead he is indoctrinated in PCBS, multicultural claptrap and taught untruths and slanted lies.  His chil;dhood is being stolen from him by an ideology (or is it idiotology?) that states critical thinking is a hate crime, all cultures are equal and making judgments against anyone other than "rich white men" will not be tolerated.

    The carefree days of my youth are long gone, replaced with the sure knowledge that those in power are usurping our children, indoctrinating them into this new world order think, against the wishes of the vast hordes of American Patriots who understand it was not thievery or imperialism that got us here but unfettered liberty.  That free men working to better their own lives will raise up the community.  That all boats rise together.

    I fear someday one of those memories about his youth will manifest in my sons head when the weather changes just for a moment, transporting him back to cherished memories and I wonder what he will feel in that millisecond.

    Will it bring a smile to his face? Or will the fear mongering indoctrination of lurking disaster and class warfare bring a worried frown to his forehead as he digests those memories and what they meant to him then, and what they mean now?

    My memories of then were pure childhood bliss. In context of years gone by that's how they should have been, and our children today know less of the freedom of being a child running free in a reasonably safe world because we know more of the dangers of living in a world full of dangers.  Those dangers were always there, but we were trusted to not go with strangers, not to commit crimes and to be a good kid.  It didnt always work out, because youth is for learning boundries.  Childrens boundries today are too confining, and they learn precious little of the skills which would let them grow into functioning adults capable of muddling their way through life.

    We do our children a disservice by clinging so tightly.  We are creating a generation of offspring who are incapable of making good decisions or following a moral path simply because it is the right thing to do.  They are told "do whatever feels good" and when things fall apart they are told "it's not your fault."

    We are failing our children by refusing to stand against those who push this claptrap.  Confront them and their only argument is "you're racist/hateful/ignorant/hate children" and a whole host of other labels those who cannot think logically attempt to place on those of us who realize life is a dangerous place, nobody gets out alive and sometimes bad luck happens.

    Let the chips fall where they may.  Let the consequences be meted out in justice. Let those who can succeed, succeed and let those who fail, fail.  It is the way of life.

    Down the other path is assured ruin as the formerly free citizens of this great country become nothing more than animals in a zoo, unable to fend for themselves and dependent on their masters in D.C.

    As for me my kid can stay out until the street lights come on, climb trees, build forts and crash his bike on a ramp which proved to be structurally unsound, for only  then will he learn

    Liberty will always trump well meaning servitude.  Liberty leads to greatness and freedom unhinged and success for those who produce. Well meaning servitude leads to despair, destruction and dependency on a hand that might not always be so benevolent.

    So which for you?




    I know my choice, and am willing to fight for it.  Are those so enamored with servitude willing, or even capable, of fighting for their beliefs?

    I'd wager they aren't.
    Along the sea sand lay a cottage
    Built in grandeur in the days of yore
    Once a stately manse of wealth
    It's been beaten by the harsh sea shore
    Once it shone as such a treasure
    Time has torn the shine away
    Now the treasure of the cottage
    Sits safely in the walls these days
    For within those tattered walls
    So badly in need of painters aid
    Sit rocking slowly, two old lovers
    Their debt to men and God full paid
    They raised good children, saved the country
    Paid their taxes and their dues
    She sits knitting in her rocker
    He sits painting his own muse
    They steal glances and caresses
    Sweet nothings flit between their lips
    His knee aches from cold in winter
    She has trouble with her hips
    Time is chasing these old lovers
    Aches and pains they constant bear
    She brings him coffee every morning
    Every night he'd brush her hair
    The kids come round at Christmas time
    To offer seasons greeting up
    In memory of long lost friends
    A toast they offer in a cup
    To better times when health we had
    When clothing fit us like a glove
    When Easter offered our salvation
    And all we needed was our love
    Someday soon the pair will pass
    And in some, memories will fade
    But God will not forget this couple
    Nor the cottage of love they made
    Love is timeless, manifested
    In art, or cottages or lives
    Few know love makes God smile
    And causes angels wistful sighs
    Love cures all, and love is power
    Love can make you truly see
    Even if it's only living
    In an old worn cottage by the sea
    My buddy Big Dog has an article up saying if the government seizes private pensions (which they are considering doing) it will lead to civil unrest.

    I hope so.

    If the powers that be in D.C. have forgotten who owns and runs this country (which seems to be the case) perhaps some pols swinging from lampposts or dragged through the streets behind pickup trucks might serve to remind them.  They refuse to listen to us, overstep their Constitutional bounds at will and now have become so brazen that even stealing the private accounts of the citizenry is not outside of their consideration.

    Hopefully something so brazen and illegal will cause those who still support them to stand up and finally join the ranks of those who have said "enough."

    As for me I only have one thing to say.  Keep your powder dry.
    The Gates Have Closed, your doom is sealed

    in the edges of my mind
    float words
    I want to scream
    at you
    by rage,
    confusion and

    the vile lies you glibly spouted,
    crocodile tears falling
    from your quivering
    you, the heartless harpy
    of the trailer park

    genetically destined to
    choose poorly
    to fail,
    it's in your injun blood
    your hedonistic blackened heart
    will lead you places
    which make that blackened heart
    glow in shame

    exposing the shallow life you lead
    drop a stone down your bottomless heart
    so you can hear the echoes
    of failure
    and the missing notes
    of emotional connections
    which haunt
    your hollow heart

    wallow in your never ending
    spiral of destruction
    which your goddess
    has set you on
    as she sits high
    in her throne
    maniacally laughing

    As she salivates
    at your death
    proving once again
    the path of least resistance
    only leads to hell
    on earth

    in the edges of my mind
    float words I want to scream
    at you
    anchored by rage,
    and hatred

    May a long life you lead
    May many years be yours
    May many moons shine down
    Upon your upturned
    tear stained cheeks
    May clarity strike
    in your final moments
    Your mistakes laid bare
    before God
    may Gods judgment
    treat you
    as you
    have treated
    so many others

    in the edges of my mind float words I want to scream at you

    The mourners gathered slowly
    Through the February rain
    Toward a lonely casket
    To be laid at rest today
    A hero of this country
    Had sacrificed his life
    Defending his brave brothers
    Surrounded by the strife
    A grenade had rolled amongst them
    Without a second thought
    He yelled out one last warning
    And dove onto the spot
    His body took the impact
    Shredded, thrown into the sky
    While Marines all dove for cover
    As they knew their brother died
    They tried their best to save him
    A hero to them all
    Now he rests at God's right hand
    In the Grace of Kingdoms Hall
    He left behind a grieving wife
    And a son he'd never seen
    A Hero to his country
    At the age of just nineteen