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    Along the sea sand lay a cottage
    Built in grandeur in the days of yore
    Once a stately manse of wealth
    It's been beaten by the harsh sea shore
    Once it shone as such a treasure
    Time has torn the shine away
    Now the treasure of the cottage
    Sits safely in the walls these days
    For within those tattered walls
    So badly in need of painters aid
    Sit rocking slowly, two old lovers
    Their debt to men and God full paid
    They raised good children, saved the country
    Paid their taxes and their dues
    She sits knitting in her rocker
    He sits painting his own muse
    They steal glances and caresses
    Sweet nothings flit between their lips
    His knee aches from cold in winter
    She has trouble with her hips
    Time is chasing these old lovers
    Aches and pains they constant bear
    She brings him coffee every morning
    Every night he'd brush her hair
    The kids come round at Christmas time
    To offer seasons greeting up
    In memory of long lost friends
    A toast they offer in a cup
    To better times when health we had
    When clothing fit us like a glove
    When Easter offered our salvation
    And all we needed was our love
    Someday soon the pair will pass
    And in some, memories will fade
    But God will not forget this couple
    Nor the cottage of love they made
    Love is timeless, manifested
    In art, or cottages or lives
    Few know love makes God smile
    And causes angels wistful sighs
    Love cures all, and love is power
    Love can make you truly see
    Even if it's only living
    In an old worn cottage by the sea
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