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    This is a repost from last year. Given that the illegals will be wailing in our streets again tomorrow I thought this needed to be said again.

    With a great big tip o' me tam to that most stalwart of Patriots, Johnny Cash
    Original here.

    The Ragged Old Flag Flies Again

    I walked down the streets of my old hometown
    Through crowds of people protestin'
    Who said we were racists and nazis and worse
    For demanding our gub'mint protect us
    From criminals, thieves and terrorist scum
    That would sneak o'or our borders at night
    And steal all our jobs for a pitiful wage
    And never give us a fair fight

    They march through our streets hoisting high
    Our flag that has seen us along
    Making the show that this one simple act
    Will prove that they truly belong
    But that ragged old flag that tugs at our hearts
    And has seen her share of the pain
    That helped forge a nation of wretched refuse
    Is being drug through the muck and is stained
    She stood tall at the fort when our anthem was writ
    And she led e'ery charge in the south
    And she stood tall and proud when the japs came a'callin'
    At Pearl Harbors doomed mouth
    She flew brave and true on Mount Suribachi
    And solemnly she waved on the morn
    When the japanese people surrendered at last
    'Neath the guns of Big Mo's mighty form

    She sailed on the ships that delivered our boys
    To the dark rancid jungles of 'Nam
    And led all the fights that raged through the nights
    Heavy with death and napalm
    She carried the fight to the Taliban thugs
    That harbored our enemies might
    And led the brave charge of the Lads of Fal'ujah
    Who gave of their all in that fight
    She continues to sail o'er every sea
    And to bring hope and light to the masses
    But the latest attack on Old Glories greatness
    Is being trampled in our highschool classes

    The kids of today take Ol' Glory down
    And use her to take a bold stand
    By hoisting her up 'neath a mexican flag
    Upside down, stating "This is our land"

    She's held in esteem for her history is brave
    For with her comes freedom unhinged
    But her brave noble past is taken away
    And used by the criminal fringe
    But one can't fly the flag
    And hold true to the heart
    Of what truth Old Glory stands for
    If you do not realize that by breaking the law
    You haven't earned your place on our shore.
    I have an old friend that has a friend that works for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, otherwise known as ICE. While talking to my old friend the other day I mentioned the upcoming May 1st protests and wondered why ICE wasn't paying attention to what businesses close May 1st to try to get a good idea of who they should raid. Turns out that they may be doing just that.

    It seems that ICE has more money these days to do the job they were created to do (namely capture and deport those who are in the country illegally) and they may even set up a hotline where citizens could call in and report businesses that close on May 1st.

    In a related story:

    Search For Illegal Immigrants Stepping Up

    (AP) Bloomington, Minn. More door-to-door searches and workplace raids for illegal immigrants are planned in Minnesota now that more money is available for such moves, an official with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement says.

    "You'll definitely see more large-scale (employer) operations," said Claude Arnold, who heads investigations at the regional office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    "It's one of our priorities," he said. "We got money and resources for worksite enforcement -- and we will get more."

    More employers also will be arrested, Arnold said. "When you see an executive wearing handcuffs," it can have an impact, he said.

    Congress approved a 17 percent increase in ICE's overall budget nationally last year but funds for detention and removal of illegal immigrants nearly doubled, according to an analysis by the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

    Good deal. It's about time we got this stuff going. Before you folks that support illegal immigration start yelling, I want to point out that we are talking about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION here. This country has the right to have her borders protected, and indeed it is one of governments highest priorities to secure, protect and defend the borders. Without borders a nation does not exist.

    The article continues:

    As enforcement is increased, however, immigrant advocates say many legal residents are frightened as they also are getting caught up as agents search for illegals.

    "People are scared. "They (agents) are looking for specific people," said Karen Ellingson, a veteran immigration attorney from St. Paul. "But a lot of people are being swept up just because they're there."

    The ICE is now pursuing its original mission more aggressively after several years of focusing on counterterrorism, he said.

    The refocusing means searching for and arresting illegal immigrants, especially those with criminal convictions and orders for deportations; combatting identity fraud; busting employers, and investigating transnational gangs.

    My friend over at The Voice Blog seems to have an ear to the ground also and the drums seem to be beating the same war cry:

    While some businesses will be forced to close on May 1, 2007 because of the immigrant walk out there will still be several that will be open as law enforcement are ready for this shut down. Stores and restaurants and even industries that close on that day will be signaling law enforcement that they at the very least have a few illegal immigrants working for them and we have it on good authority from a source that chose to remain anonymous that those places will be added to if not bumped up the list of those companies to be raided. Our source says that closing your business on that day is the same as putting out a red flag that says come and get me.
    Ice has stepped up its raids of businesses in recent weeks as a result of public pressure over illegal immigration, garnering arrests and deportations of many undocumented immigrants and is set to continue and even increase the raids as more targets become available.

    So go ahead and close your business on May 1st and let your underpaid illeagal staff go march for "La Revolucion."

    Ice will be watching.

    The full article is linked in the title.
    And a tip 'o' me tam to GM for the inspiration.

    In days of old
    In a kingdom bold
    There lived a dirty muzzie
    His clothes were soiled
    His turban tight
    And his face it was all fuzzy

    His goats were killed
    In a bombing run
    By U.S. Navy planes
    And he sat all night
    In the pale moonlight
    Full of hunger pangs

    About that time
    A pig walked by
    He was fat
    Just ripe for eatin'
    And the muzzie knew
    If the pig he slew
    Big mo' he wasn't meetin'

    So he sat real still
    In the midnight air
    His stomach was a-growlin'
    Then he grabbed a stick
    With a pointy end
    And then he went a-prowlin'

    He caught that pig
    In a dead end wash
    And stuck that stick in deep
    Hours later
    as he wiped his mouth
    He said "boy that's damn good meat."

    Now the muzzie knew
    That paradise
    Was far out of his grasp
    So he moved to New York
    So that he could eat pork
    And Big Mo' could kiss his ass

    Would one of you astute "muslims" out there please explain to me how threatening the life of a woman for hugging a man (while fully clothed and in public I may add) should convince us here in the West (you know, that "free" part of the world) that islam is a religion of peace?

    The ancient and backwards system that islam tries to advance (and what an oxymoron that creates huh? Islam advancing) is misogynistic, degrading and completely counter to any sort of Freedom, unless your brand of "freedom" is being an unthinking automaton to a bunch of crazed mullahs, in which case islam is probably just perfect for you.

    As for me and my fellow patriots on the right side of the aislewe will take Freedom, and you can have your backwards, misogynistic, ancient religion, pack it up up in a bag and take it to hell with you.

    Damned cretins.
    IN a startling development in The Socialist Republic of California re-arrests are UP almost 30% after Proposition 36 was passed by the voters. We have a large amount of stupid people that vote in this state, and their belief that drug addiction is a disease instead of a crime of personal choice has led them to vote in a proposition that mandates drug rehab instead of incarceration for offenders.

    It is no surprise then that re-arrest rates for those that get sentenced to rehab is up almost 30% since this stupid law was enacted.

    Nobody FORCES these people to use drugs. It is a personal choice (often of weak willed individuals) that they make for themselves, knowing the consequences of their choice, and we should stop coddling these losers and petting them on the head and saying "It's OK, we know you have a disease and we're gonna help you."

    The problem is that they DO have a disease. I don't know what the name is because I believe it hasn't been diagnosed as a disease yet, but I'd be willing to bet it goes hand in hand in many cases with that other disease, Liberalism, or Progressiveitis, otherwise known as Idiocy.

    You see, this disease causes one to lack Common Sense and have a serious allergic reaction to Personal Responsibility. It is a disease that I believe may be airborne and is spread in government (public) schools (especially universities) and may very well be earmarked by such symptoms as voting Democrat and/or having membership in various left-wing groups, Code-Pink-O and International ANSWER among them.

    There is suspicion among leading scientists that CranialRectalitis may be the latter stages of this disease, and other symptoms include a willingness to steal from producers to give to non-producers through use of government force.

    It is also suspected that Nancy Pelosi may have the end stages of this disease, along with other ranking memebrs of the Democratic Party/

    Prop. 36 was a stupid idea, and just another attempt to show compassion where none should be shown. This whole victim mentality claiming nothing is the fault of the person that made the choice to get into the situation they are in is ridiculous and a symptom of the disease that affects too many people in our country today.

    Prop.36 should be repealed and these criminals should be locked up and heavily fined for their bad choices.

    All of this has gone too far. The government intervention in our lives must stop, and we must call a spade a spade and a criminal a criminal.

    Personal choice must be the deciding factor in what is a disease and what is not. Choosing to use drugs is NOT a disease, it is a CRIME, and it is about time that the government realized this and acted accordingly.