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    IN a startling development in The Socialist Republic of California re-arrests are UP almost 30% after Proposition 36 was passed by the voters. We have a large amount of stupid people that vote in this state, and their belief that drug addiction is a disease instead of a crime of personal choice has led them to vote in a proposition that mandates drug rehab instead of incarceration for offenders.

    It is no surprise then that re-arrest rates for those that get sentenced to rehab is up almost 30% since this stupid law was enacted.

    Nobody FORCES these people to use drugs. It is a personal choice (often of weak willed individuals) that they make for themselves, knowing the consequences of their choice, and we should stop coddling these losers and petting them on the head and saying "It's OK, we know you have a disease and we're gonna help you."

    The problem is that they DO have a disease. I don't know what the name is because I believe it hasn't been diagnosed as a disease yet, but I'd be willing to bet it goes hand in hand in many cases with that other disease, Liberalism, or Progressiveitis, otherwise known as Idiocy.

    You see, this disease causes one to lack Common Sense and have a serious allergic reaction to Personal Responsibility. It is a disease that I believe may be airborne and is spread in government (public) schools (especially universities) and may very well be earmarked by such symptoms as voting Democrat and/or having membership in various left-wing groups, Code-Pink-O and International ANSWER among them.

    There is suspicion among leading scientists that CranialRectalitis may be the latter stages of this disease, and other symptoms include a willingness to steal from producers to give to non-producers through use of government force.

    It is also suspected that Nancy Pelosi may have the end stages of this disease, along with other ranking memebrs of the Democratic Party/

    Prop. 36 was a stupid idea, and just another attempt to show compassion where none should be shown. This whole victim mentality claiming nothing is the fault of the person that made the choice to get into the situation they are in is ridiculous and a symptom of the disease that affects too many people in our country today.

    Prop.36 should be repealed and these criminals should be locked up and heavily fined for their bad choices.

    All of this has gone too far. The government intervention in our lives must stop, and we must call a spade a spade and a criminal a criminal.

    Personal choice must be the deciding factor in what is a disease and what is not. Choosing to use drugs is NOT a disease, it is a CRIME, and it is about time that the government realized this and acted accordingly.
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