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    Cao from Cao's Blog (pronounced "key" and linked in the title) has tagged me of all people with a meme. Now usually I don't play this game (mostly because I am still not sure how to pronounce the damned word "meme") but this one intrigued me.

    The idea behind this meme is to think of and then tag five bloggers who make you think, and point out an example of their incomparable and daunting mental aptitude and prowess.

    It's the "What Blogger Has Made You Think Meme".....and frankly Cao putting me on a list of bloggers that make her think is either a huge compliment or a giant joke. I am going to suck it up and take it as a compliment.

    I am also going to do my part in tagging five bloggers with this. There are of
    course more than five bloggers that make me think. But when I think of bloggers that have made me stop and say wow some do come readily to mind. To wit, in no particular order:

    Ogre: Ogre has always made me stop and say "aHHa!", usually by pointing out the lack of freedom in this country and the freedom stealing angle of most everything that comes down the wash. His call on the Dubai World Ports deal (going against the consensus at that point) was one of the things that stick out in my mind showing that he is ahead of most other folks when it comes to thinking down the road. I am not going to put any of Ogre's writings will just have to click the link to read his stuff.

    Rick Moran:
    Rick Moran from Right Wing Nuthouse is a voice of reason, plain and simple. Keenly aware of the ramifications of policies and actions of the government, Rick is a calm voice in a sea of vengeful rhetoric. His grasp of the events that unfold around the world and what they mean to our country is astounding, and even though I rarely comment there Rick always provides me with posts that make me stop and say "Hhhmmmm, I hadn't thought of that."

    Here is a bit that Rick wrote about todays democrats:
    I don’t quite know how to classify this gaggle of cynical, posturing, cowardly bunch of partisan witch hunters, devious machinators, vengeful charlatans, and craven caterers to their unhinged, out of control base. A biologist would probably settle on a taxonomy relating them to the Hydra – the nine headed poisonous serpent of Greek mythology whose very breath could kill a man at twenty paces.

    See? I hadn't thought of the Hydra analogy....but it is dead on.....makes ya think huh?

    Bill Whittle: Bill Whittle at is simply one of the most brilliant writers on or offline. Go read all of his stuff NOW and then pray to your God that you are lucky enough to bathe in the glow of such brilliance.

    RomeoCat: When I am feeling pissy, angry or low I swing by R'Cat's place. Her upbeat and thoughtful writing always serves to put me in a better frame of mind, and she's cheaper than a therapist.

    Finally on to the blogger that falls last on this list, but the astute reader will remember I said "in no particular order" before I started it.

    Emperor Darth Misha: Misha is teh Emperor of Snark and the way he strings together insults and curses is a simple work of surpasses art and actually hits the level of ability that is usually accorded to minor yet immortal deities in third world countries....such is his talent.

    There ya' have it folks. Five bloggers that make me think.
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