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    In days of old
    In a kingdom bold
    There lived a dirty muzzie
    His clothes were soiled
    His turban tight
    And his face it was all fuzzy

    His goats were killed
    In a bombing run
    By U.S. Navy planes
    And he sat all night
    In the pale moonlight
    Full of hunger pangs

    About that time
    A pig walked by
    He was fat
    Just ripe for eatin'
    And the muzzie knew
    If the pig he slew
    Big mo' he wasn't meetin'

    So he sat real still
    In the midnight air
    His stomach was a-growlin'
    Then he grabbed a stick
    With a pointy end
    And then he went a-prowlin'

    He caught that pig
    In a dead end wash
    And stuck that stick in deep
    Hours later
    as he wiped his mouth
    He said "boy that's damn good meat."

    Now the muzzie knew
    That paradise
    Was far out of his grasp
    So he moved to New York
    So that he could eat pork
    And Big Mo' could kiss his ass

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