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    This is in reply to this open letter on Daily Kos I just came across thanks to a dear friend and FB mom. LINK

    Dear Kos Kids,

    You folks seem to be under the impression that conservatives hate everyone who isn't a rich white guy or his subservient wife. You think we hate gays, black people, brown people, yellow people, poor people, muslim people, buddhist people, yaddita yaddita yaddita and the list goes on.  You couldn't be more wrong.

    What we hate is an ideology that wants more government control.  What we hate are people who believe it's absolutely ok for government to force a social conscience on us by law while yelling about some bogey man priest who wants to put a moral conscience on you by law.  The fact that your hypocrisy knows no bounds also annoys us so I guess we hate your hypocrisy too.  What we hate is the idea that government is going to run our lives and that we must seek their approval and permission to do virtually anything but create a child we are then free to murder before it's born.  We hate the idea you hold that we are not capable of providing for ourselves and must have government watching over our shoulder constantly.  We hate the idea of our hard earned money being confiscated by threat of imprisonment or worse only to watch it being handed over to those whose only qualifications for receiving it is that they have failed to provide for themselves and their families.

    We hate the idea of being forced to join a union who then spends our dues money taken from us by force on politicians we wouldn't even piss on if they were aflame.  We hate the fact that your racism is seen as kindness, while our realism is seen as racism. We hate that you're so blindingly ignorant, stupid and obtuse that you believe "diversity" is a good thing, never realizing that diversity only means different, not better or worse.  We hate your unrealistic view of the world, seeking a false equality based on nothing more than existence without merit. We hate that no matter how many times we calmly explain the precepts of Natural Law, Liberty and Free Market Capitalism you're only retort is "Oh yeah? You're a racist/bigot/hateful/misogynist."

    We hate the fact that you always take humanity out of the equation when discussing civilization, and constantly attempt to take away our rights of self defense.  We hate that you wish upon all of us a system devoid of reward for merit. We hate your support of race baiters who bring nothing but trouble and divisiveness. We hate your misogyny and we hate how you see the world through the lens of race, class and sexual orientation.  We hate that you cannot grasp that if you do not, yourself, possess a right you cannot give that right to the government. But we hate, most of all, your hate of us, Liberty, Natural Law and Free Market Capitalism.

    But enough about hate.  Let's talk about what we love.

    We love the idea that a man (or woman, I know how you love to latch onto one little point and beat it like a red headed stepchild, so let's be clear on that point) living in Liberty and making decisions based upon their desires and accepting personal responsibility for themselves, and dealing with the rewards or consequences of those decisions can better not only their life, but that of their family, friends and community.  We love the idea of personal choice, of being able to decide who we should assist with the fruits of our labors, if anyone.  A great many of us are Christians.  Not the gay bashing sort of westboro, but loving kind people who believe it is our PERSONAL DUTY to act charitably.  We love being charitable. Let me say that again.  WE love being charitable.  We don't believe what the government does is charity. We know it is theft.

    We love the idea that a man can take the fruits of his labor, create a business and offer a superior product or service and become wealthy, thus allowing him to live without the worries of being able to provide for those he loves.  We also love being able to provide for those we love.  We love not being dependent upon a government check or program.  We love succeeding on our own merit and abilities, without having some program give us something we haven't earned based upon the color of our skin, where we were born or who we love. We love the idea of true equality, where each have what they have earned, not what was stolen for them in the name of compassion.  We love compassion. We love the idea of allowing people to earn their own way, reaping rewards or suffering consequences for their choices, thus teaching down through the generations the better choices which lead to success instead of the worse choices which lead to failure.

    We love the idea of Liberty.  We love it so much, and think it's such a neato keen concept that we want all of us to live in a society that affords everyone the absolute greatest amount of Liberty possible, even the gay people, black people, brown people etc. etc. etc. We love the idea of people being religious or not, as they see fit, as long as their religion doesn't force us to act or not act as we see fit. We love the fact that we live in a country which allegedly gives us the right to keep and bear arms, because we love personal responsibility and we love the fact that everyone has the natural right under natural law to defend their life and property from those who would steal them from us. We love the idea that we were born with certain inalienable rights, and they cannot be taken from us unless we allow it to happen.

    So on that note know this. Your ideals of an all powerful, all intrusive and all controlling government is something else we hate, because it goes against all we love. Your ideals which we hate so deeply will not win out against us and our ideals we love so dearly. Because evil never wins. And what you advocate is evil. It is the idea of dragging down the successful who have earned it in a vain attempt to raise up those who have not, and that never works because simply spreading around the wealth will never teach those who fail how to succeed.  The best teacher for that is failure.  I know, I know, that sounds like it makes no sense but if you think about it not only does it make sense but it's exactly what all living things have been doing throughout the entire history of existence.   The creatures that learned how to care for themselves and survive are still here, those that did not, aren't.

    So keep pushing your evil ideology of failure and theft.  It's been said the Tree of Liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike, and us patriots have had just about enough of your tyrannical ways and that tree is looking a mite thirsty.

    Sincerely, Kender MacGowan
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