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    “Does love exist?” asked the wizened old man
    who sat at the bar next to me
    “I love this beer” I quickly shot back
    “What other love could there be?”
    “The love” he says “that grabs your heart.
    The kind that won’t let go
    A love that passes on thru death
    And lives forever you know”
    Says I “that love lives not in this world friend,
    I’m certain it is gone”
    “Then come with me” the old man bade
    “We won’t be gone too long”
    He walked me thru the baby ward
    where a mother held her new child
    And in her eyes I saw a pure love
    which I knew would last more than awhile
    He took me to the mission inn
    where homeless go to eat
    The serving man behind the counter
    had rags wrapped round his feet
    “Old man” I said “should you not be
    the one receiving this fare?”
    He smiled a mostly toothless grin
    and said “look over there”
    I looked to where his ladle showed
    a family huddled close
    With their meals laid out in front of them
    offering up a toast
    “To God” they said,
    “as He provides for those who need the aid”
    To men who help with rag wrapped feet
    his thanks he simply bade
    Next we went to the grave yard where
    an old widow knelt in the dirt
    Cleaning the stone laid atop her dear mate
    even though her aged knees surely hurt…
    He took me aside to a mountaintop
    where three crosses stood side by side
    And showed me the spot on Jerusalems soil
    where for all our sins He did die…
    “You see the love that burns beyond our petty lives,
    you cannot deny its flame”
    And in the shadow of that cross
    I hung my head in shame…
    The love that burns brightest is the hardest to grab, its for this love He did die…
    And I saw the love burn
    and I felt my redemption
    And in the bright darkness I cried….

    Merry Christmas. May God hold you in the palm of his hand. And to all our soldiers not able to make it home this season (snaks this one is for you) Thank you.
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