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    Hearts Revival

    He sat alone within the crowd
    Which wandered past his chair
    He felt invisible to all
    Seeming not to care
    He sat alone within the crowd
    Which bustled gaily by
    To watch the world over his cup
    While letting his soul die
    Most e’ery day ‘twas just like this
    He sat alone to see
    The never-ending mumbling mass
    Of rank humanity
    His soul was black within his chest
    His heart was full of dread
    With every dawn his anger grew
    At not waking up dead
    He barely noticed those who passed
    Until one fateful day
    She wandered lithely into view
    Bathed in the suns soft ray
    She did what others had not dared
    She stopped and saw him there
    While staring deep into his eyes
    His senses screamed beware
    Those smoky eyes, her intense gaze
    Could be a deadly thing
    But not for him he understood
    His heart did not love sing
    She wandered o’er gracefully
    To sit across his bench
    Gently asking him his name
    His answer made her flinch
    I am the death of love, he claimed
    I steal away the soul
    Of women who consort with me
    My heart is made of coal
    Then come with me she bade of him
    I see the lie within
    Your heart lives still and craves the love
    Denial is a sin
    Against his will, he took her hand
    Standing straight and tall
    Following those swaying hips
    His facade began to fall
    She led him to her quiet room
    While bolting up the door
    She slowly let her clothing drop
    Upon the bare wood floor
    She smiled shyly as she asked
    If he would do the same
    His hands they shook as once again
    He played the timeless game
    The love they shared within her bed
    Was gentle, deep and true
    Time now passed as only time
    Wrapped up in love can do
    Many years have passed along
    Since that lass noticed me
    A truer love I know for sure
    Was never, nor could be
    So watch the world walk by I say
    Watch closely as they pass
    You never know when one will come
    To prove the perfect lass
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