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    Warning Will Robinson!

    Feel free to post comments, rants, or even personal attacks. It simply shows your wish for taunting if you do the latter.

    You can say anything you want here. But if you get stupid I reserve the right to point it out, call you lots of inventive names and laugh like hell.

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    Yeah, you.....with your lib'rul ideas and your love of with your abject and sad hatred of Bush The Younger.....yeah, I'm talkin' to you loons out know? The members of that party that is in love with losing, can't find the right side of their ass in broad daylight with both hands and a GPS handset....uh huh.


    Guess what you whiny liberal simps?

    I got a radio show. Even better than broadcast radio it is internet radio, so I can tell you fucking morons EXACTLY what I think of your soft headed ideas and your wrong headed policies.

    Think you got what it takes to outthink, outwit and plain outsnark me?

    I don't. But you are welcome to try.

    I'll be on the air starting midnight (12 A.M. PST)until 2 A.M. on sunday april 10th at the link in the title.

    Feel free to call in and put Kender in his place....but I don't expect to hear from that time of night I expect the east coast libs to be passed out from their french wines and the west coast libs will still be out at some pretentious and trendy club attempting to dance.

    I need about "Eatin' moonbats and crappin' little nuggets o' Truth"?



    eh? I'll wager I came up with a good one later.
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