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    From American Warmonger comes this order:

    I want you to write a poem. Free form doesn't count. I want you to be able to define your poem. Put verse to rhyme or other recognized structure. I'd like to see a freedom from free-form. We're all great writers here. This is a chance to showcase your talents. If you stick with the most simple (yet most difficult to do right) forms, the haiku, I want to see two and they better be done right...or I'll make you redo them. Yeah, I'm gonna be a pain that way.

    Seems he was hit with three meme's at the same time, each wanting to be passed to three links, so he chose nine links to toss it at.

    You may note the bold text above regarding haikus. I like haikus. In case you have forgotten a haiku is a three line poem consisting of five, seven and five syllables. They come from Japan originally. Gotta love those Japanese.

    Oh yeah....according to the rules laid down by American Warmonger, I get to pass along this meme of death to one person for each haiku.

    AW hit Raven, Cao and myself from The Wide Awakes. So with the exception of Cao, Raven, myself of course, the rest of TWA can fight it out amongst yourselves about wich 24 of you are tagged with this meme.

    Haikus For The Meme Of Death

    Elmo screams aloud
    But his pleas fall on deaf ears
    Bert and Ernie laugh

    Floor creaks in the night
    Big Bird heaves a lustful sigh
    Elmo screams again

    Big Bird loads his gun
    Dropping ratings threaten job
    Teletubbies die

    Teletubbies drop
    Like flies in a mist of Raid
    Big Bird must reload

    Soft moans in the night
    Signal muppets on the prowl
    Oscar looks for love

    Big Birds young groupies
    Defile the letter A
    When the tapings done

    Barney runs like hell
    Big Birds on the prowl again
    Looking for fresh meat

    Kermit makes breakfast
    Bacon and ham and sausage
    Miss Piggy tastes good

    Mickey and Minnie
    Dance and trip the night away
    XTC is king

    Territory marked
    He's just doing his duty
    Pluto wanders on

    Jiminy Cricket
    Sat upon the bank singing
    Until the frog ate

    Mickey and Goofy
    In a compromising way
    The tabloids say

    Buzz and Woody sit
    At the gate of The Kingdom
    Checking out the girls

    There is nothing like
    A six dollar hamburger
    To piss you off good

    Popcorn on Main Street
    Sticks between my teeth and now
    I'm thirsty for Coke

    Three dollar sodas
    Are made with too much syrup
    Now I need water

    I have been in line
    Waiting for this goddamned ride
    Forever it seems

    The Tiki Room song
    Plays in my head forever
    I will go insane

    Its a small small world
    Instead of tiki room song
    I must kill myself

    Mowgli and Snow White
    Well you know how nature is
    She's not so white now

    The dwarves are angry
    Mowgli is trying to hide
    In the pirates ride

    I so enjoy
    The chocolate covered ants
    Oops I just ate Flick

    The Toon Town Trolley
    The late night debauchery
    You get the picture
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