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    Cao has posted a great bit over at her place about that helicopter that was shot down in Iraq the other day by scumball insurgents.

    So why link the daily POS in the title?

    Because with the exception that most of those folks that wallow in that shitstain upon the web have not actually sawed off someones head or shot unarmed non-combatents, they aree as much of a danger to America, her Freedoms and her Valiant Soldiers.

    These people actually dance with glee when terrorists succeed at killing people.

    A quote from the POS about the chopper being shot down and the victims.

    "THESE F[**]KERS ARE NOT NICE PEOPLE. I have a hard time feeling sorry for their families. I have known a few of these wives and if they are in the marriage they are so high on Prozac and Xanax they will barely know he’s gone…If one of their mommas is crying I’m somewhat sorry but I really want to ask that woman why she never got any help for her son, who was obviously a potential serial killer! I lay some of what that man became on her and his father’s doorstep. I have almost no tears for these people. I can barely squeeze one out."

    These people on the other side of the street, so to speak, are traitors to this country. They give aid and comfort, in effect, to the enemy everytime they praise them as "freedom fighters".

    Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that proposes that the attack on this chopper, the many people beheaded by terrorists or that any other attack on not only American forces but innocent bystanders is a legitimate act of war is not only an idiot but a fucking traitor against this country, and everyone of them should be rounded up and have their asses kicked from one coast to the other.

    Fuck you POS...fuck your idiotic liberal supporters, fuck your wrong headed pacifist ideology.....fuck everything about you.

    You and the positions you support will lead us down the path that europe has taken.

    A dead end road to the destruction of all this country was founded on and truly holds dear.

    Dissent is patriotic.

    But assholes like you are not patriotic are traitor
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