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    Never mind the fact that they defend pedophiles.

    And we will forget for the moment that they think child porn, once it is created, is protected free speech.

    Let those facts leave this discussion.


    This discussion is the ACLU's utter disregard for an unborn child and their defense of a woman that used drugs while she was pregnant.

    Personal responsibility is a phrase that the left in general, and the ACLU in particular simply do not understand. It is always somebody else's fault.

    Sell drugs to kids?

    No problem, you simply have no job opportunity, or the government failed to provide you what you needed.

    Rape someone?

    No biggie. You were sexually abused as a child and it was an uncaring government that failed to protect you.

    Kill someone?

    Hey, it aint your fault. After all, you were beaten as a child and the government didn't do anything to help you.

    Now they are defending this ignorant bitch that gave birth to a premature baby that tested positive for COCAINE!!!!

    I imagine that the ACLU will say it was her RIGHT to do as she wanted as the FETUS hadn't been born and as such had no legal standing. (I wonder if NOW is going to jump in on this one?)

    (wow, OK, I just went and actually finished reading the story. I have a bad habit of skimming the first paragraph and then writing, luckily I also have a great habit of being right when I guess where the story will go. Anyway, look what it says in part of this tale of stupidity.)

    Defense attorneys had sought an acquittal, arguing there was never a risk of harm to another person -- because a fetus doesn't meet the definition of a person under state law.

    Did I call that or what?

    The ACLU is wrong headed so many times that they hit the news that I could probably make book in Vegas as to how many times a year they actually do something good.

    Click on the title, read the story and see for yourself.

    Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to participate please Register At Our Portal.
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