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    For those of you that don't know who Steven Vincent is, go here and read his blog.

    He was living in Basra and reporting on the infiltration of the Shia Islamists in the new Iraq.

    We must stay the course, and we must realize that we are dealing with a corrupt culture to whom distrust of others is normal and corruption expected.

    Frankly I am getting to the point of thinking that the entire middle eastern culture, regardless of what it has contributed to the world in some of their art and the history of the region, (and food), is beyond redemption, and that these people are hopelessly stuck in some alter reality where their way of life is not only the only thing they know, but they only way they know how to live, and regardless of how much we wish to make their life better they are forever stuck in a way of life that we cannot possibly understand.

    We must stay the course, but even when we "stabilize" Iraq and leave from there, it will devolve back to what they know.....corruption, despair and the subjugation of women and non-muslims.

    I am beginning to think that these people actually love their misery and that they crave a life under someone's thumb and they are are perhaps one of the most easily corrupted people's on the planet.

    The question now is;

    Can we really change that?

    For more on this developing story go see Kat.
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