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    ...the Isrealis are making a mistake pulling out of the West Bank and Gaza.....the "palestinians" are simply going to see this as a sign of weakness and find another reason to attack Isreal when they can't make a good go of it getting a viable economy going.....after all....war is pretty much all they have known for many, MANY years, and none of them really have a good idea of what to do without fighting.....besides, I think that they may be really lazy at least the ones that are still living there....all of the "palestinians" I have met here work their tails off....mostly at liquor stores and gas stations....but they work their tails off......

    Radical islamists must mercy, no quarter, no safe haven.....we should treat them the same way they treat us.....well, without all teh nasty head sawing....after all, if God wanted us to saw off heads to kill people he wouldn'thave given us the bullet right?...

    the french still suck....I kinda hope they do get slowly taken over by muslims in the next two would give us a chance to sit back and tell 'em to make their own damned bed for once.....

    Women are hard to deal with.....

    Women you are interested in doubly so....

    The public school system sucks so badly that my son, who is well advanced beyond his classmates doesn't have any advanced work available to either I homeschool or let him languish a year until his classmates catch up to him....I think I will get him a tutor.....

    I got unlinked by a blog written by a commie kid....I think I will leave his blog up anyway...he never has anything of sense to say but it is always good to go read someone that can't think correctly and realize how lucky you are to not need special ed.
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