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    You have your freedom says Uncle Sam
    to do as you are told
    From where to drive to where to park
    and how you can grow old
    We regulate the food you eat
    how you can live and die
    And go to school and congregate,
    the waters and the sky
    We have the best in mind for you
    we know what's best in life
    The huddled masses have no clue
    so let us end your strife
    We'll hand out things like free health care,
    education and job training
    We'll even give out umber-ella's
    for days that it is raining
    We know the things we legislate
    aren't in the constitution
    But all our plans to keep you well
    will soon come to fruition
    When BHO is sitting in
    the Not so White House Chair
    He'll mandate things that take away
    those pesky little layers
    Of freedom that you still possess
    to do things as you please
    And we will own your unwashed ass
    from birth to death you see
    We hate to do it that's for sure
    it's lot of work for us
    To ride in limo's telling you
    to just go ride the bus
    But you must listen to our rules
    our laws and edicts too
    Our regulations and the drivel
    that we always spew
    We know what's best so just shut up
    and go with our big plan
    To give you everything you need
    from our abundant land
    The taxes that you pay today
    will feed you on the morrow
    You'll feel a great relief you see
    and not one bit of sorrow
    Freedom's over rated now
    so do us all a favor
    Quit complaining that we steal
    the fruits of all your labor
    If we don't take away the cash
    you work so hard to get
    How can we take care of all
    the hordes of lazy shits
    That vote for us and sit around
    collecting welfare money
    We think your stingy attitude
    is not one damned bit funny
    So vote for us at election time
    we know just where it's at
    We are freedoms worst nightmare
    we are the democrats

    Linked at Stop the ACLU
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