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    The 40th District Assembly Seat for California is a heated race, contested by Armineh Chelebian against Ken Sherman, and today I am going to point out why Ken Sherman is NOT a conservative we should get behind, how he has actually acted like an out and out socialist and maybe even convince you that he is actually a mole from the Democratic party, which would make a lot more sense regarding his activities and what he has said.

    Let's start with how Ken has acted like an out and out socialist. On his myspace page he said the following;

    In 2002-03, I served as the Associate Student Organization President for Pierce College. While Student President, I got the chance as a Student Leader to go to Washington D.C. and lobby for Student's to receive more money on their Pell Grant's, lower the cost of Textbooks, and fight for Student Right's.
    Emphasis Mine

    Now, I am for education, but I don't believe the federal government has any business being in the education field. I believe that should be a state issue. With the advent of the federal government allocating tax dollars to education we moved further down the road to socialism, and the more we hand out to students from the federal level the more that socialism takes hold, and anyone that advocates to take monies from the federal government, no matter how noble the goal, is a socialist at heart.

    So Ken Sherman certainly qualifies in my book as a socialist, which by definition makes him a very bad Republican, at least in the traditional sense. He certainly isn't a conservative.

    Now I have done some digging on Ken Sherman, and it turns out he has a criminal record. Now if talk to him he'll say it was for a "youthful indiscretion" during a fraternity hazing incident in which he was supposed to expose himself to a female student.

    Here's the problem with that one.


    (000) XXX-XXXX (possible current phone)

    XXXX XXXXXXX Ave, West Hills CA 91307 (1X)

    10/24/1966, 41 years old

    Los Angeles Municipal Criminal search

    Charge: 314(1)/21
    District: LA VAN NUYS
    Filing Date: 08/20/2003
    Case Number: 3PN04052
    Emphasis Mine

    Now this happened in 2003. Given that it is now 2008, this happened just about 5 years ago, meaning Ken's "youthful indiscretion" happened when he was 36. If he's making such bad decisions at 36, what makes anyone think that he would be anymore capable just five short years later to make a good decision now?

    Now in all fairness the charge of exposing himself appears to have been dismissed, but he did plead guilty on a charge of Obstructing Persons Movement in a public place, to which he pleaded Nolo Contendre and served some serious time picking up trash on the side of the road after paying a hundred dollar fine. Then again maybe that's where Ken got the taste for public service.

    At one point Ken had links on his myspace page to MoveOn dot org, a far leftist group, and was promoting candlelight vigils sponsored by them against our troops. I am sure I will hear from someone stating "No, that was a candlelight vigil against the war" but if you are against the war, and wish for our guys to come home before the job is done, then you are advocating for our guys to leave the field in defeat, which means you are against our troops. You can't be for our troops and against their victory. Well, then again, if you are one of those people that can hold contrasting opinions such as it's OK to kill unborn babies in the womb but not murderers on death row, that we should lessen our dependence on foreign oil but shouldn't drill our oil out of the ground, then maybe you CAN hold such ideas as supporting the troops while marching for their defeat.

    But those links are gone now, as are the anti semitic videos he had up at one point.

    However through my vast network of super secretive conservative activists who constantly troll the web grabbing screenshots of all incriminating evidence I can at least show you screenshots from Ken's MySpace page showing his post about the MoveOn dot org event AND some of the Anti Semitic movies had posted for awhile.

    Now Ken Sherman is running as a "teacher", which is misleading. He is not credentialed by the state as a teacher, or if he is they haven't heard of him. It seems he has taught piano, and while that is a nice thing to do for a living, it probably doesn't qualify one to put "teacher" on their ballot application as an occupation, as most people simply will take that to mean he is a credentialed teacher with the state. Ken happens to be 41 years old and living at home with his parents taking care of his dad. Noble. Very noble. I applaud his devotion to family, if it is devotion and not simply an easy way to have a place to live, after all, how good of a living can a piano teacher make? Enough of one to afford rent in the valley? Even in the "cheaper" areas?

    But at least that means his "caretaker" bit on his sheet is not a lie. Technically the "teacher" bit isn't a lie, but it is damned misleading.

    Now for the mole part. Ken Sherman hasn't acted like a conservative, which is what we as conservatives in the Republican party should be backing, and most folks I know are Backing Armineh Chelebian in the 40th District race, but that's because many of them have asked me, knowing I am following this race closely.

    Would a Conservative Republcian EVER advertise or promote an event from MoveOn?


    Would a Conservative Republican expose himself at the age of 36 to a female student as part of a frat hazing? Most likely not. If they did they certainly would be honest about it and not claim it was a youthful indiscretion.

    Would a Conservative Republican post Anti-Semtic videos on his website? Not if he wants the backing of hard working, decent Conservatives. Hate against Jews is just as bad as hate against others, but seems to be accepted on the left.

    Which is why I think Ken Sherman is a mole from the DNC. I think he has been tossed into the race because he has name recognition (most folks around the valley think Brad Sherman when they hear the name Sherman, and have probably voted for Brad, or against him) and is a plant to secure the nomination for the seat then drop out to leave it wide open for a democrat.

    He certainly has all the hallmarks of a leftist. He lies about his arrest record, calling it a "youthful indiscretion", he backs MoveOn dot org and apparently has anti-semitic leanings and has pushed for increasing socialist programs from the federal government.

    Ken Sherman is not a Republican I want representing me, and he shouldn't be the choice of any right thinking person in the 40th District either.

    Vote for Armineh, you won't regret it.

    Cruising through the web looking for a Ken Sherman website, (which apparently doesn't exist) I came across an address for Ken that is different than the one he gives on his myspace site asking for help with his campaign.

    His myspace addy is:

    23705 Vanowen St 271 West Hills, CA 91307

    While this site has this one;

    6657 Sheltondale Av West Hills, CA 91307

    So what's up with that? Just where is he headquartered? Does he even have an office? Or is he running out of a room at his parents house? Is this the future of the Republican party in the Valley? Forty One year old unemployed caretakers running campaigns out of their mommy's house?
    Disclaimer: I am not in anyway associated with the Chelebian Campaign. This post is all my own research and opinion.
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