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    Try speaking to a supporter of Barack Hussein Obama and ask them the following questions;

    What does Barack, specifically, propose to change in this country and how is he going to change it?

    What will be the results of the changes he enacts?

    How does his message give you hope?

    Are you insane?

    Them: “He wants to bring us all together and change how the government works.”
    Me: “Yes but HOW does he want to change it?”
    Them: “Well, he wants to make it work better.”
    Me: “Do you think things are more efficient when they are larger or smaller?”
    Them: “Smaller.”
    Me: “Do you think the government has shown that it works better when it is larger or smaller?”
    Them: “Smaller.”
    Me: “And Barack wants to make it bigger. How is that going to make government more efficient?”

    At this point they usually give me a glare and storm away!

    What they won’t (or can’t) admit is Barack’s plans are simply tax and spend, with heavier regulations on virtually every industry, causing prices and unemployment to rise and wages to fall.

    As it stands I defy you to show me one thing outside of bearing a child that the government does not regulate in some way. Try to start any business, any business at all, and there are government agencies left and right that you must deal with, from the local to the federal level, everything is regulated by some bureaucrat in some way. Barack’s plans will make the regulations of today seem simple, possibly almost quaint, and we will be pining for the days when starting a business only took a huge effort, and not one of Herculean proportions.

    The countless pictures of Barack supporters with moon-eyed adoration are indicative of people mindlessly enthralled with a personality. Add in the images of Barack with his hand held up in the midst of one of his Old Time Revival Style Speeches, backlit by a light creating a halo effect and one can certainly draw the conclusion that many people are looking to Barack as a savior of sorts, a man promising salvation if we’d only believe in him and his nebulous plans of Change and Hope.

    Now, I am not calling Barack Hussein Obama the Anti-Christ, but only because in our world of sound bites, bumper sticker politics and thirty second attention spans the words “Anti-Christ” carries connotations that are unpalatable and mean spirited. Classically the Anti-Christ is one who is in place of Christ, and given the well known distaste the American Left has for Organized Religion (especially Christianity), the leap to Anti-Christ status for Obama would not be a hard one to make if one is prone to making leaps of logic, which of course, I am not.

    I prefer a slow stroll down Logic Lane, as opposed to bounding from one issue to another. Not The Left it seems, whose phenomenal leaps of faith and bounds of logic simply ignore Barack’s voting record, lack of experience and outrageous promises to bring them everything from “free” healthcare to billions in new programs without ever taking the small step of asking “How will you pay for it?” when Barack says “I will give this to you.” When most right thinking people I know hear “I will” they ask “How much?”

    Barack’s plans so far have a price tag almost to the trillion dollar range, with an energy policy plan priced at $150 billion, a $60 billion dollar National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank (whatever THAT is-I think “reinvestment” is code for tax and spend) a health care plan at 65 billion a year, with all of this and more brought to you by ending the Iraq war, cutting corporate tax breaks and higher taxes on the rich.

    When corporations lose their tax breaks they pass along the cost to us, then scale back, cut jobs and salaries and try to recoup losses by being leaner and more efficient. When corporations do this we all lose. The trickle down effect begins with the checkout girl who is first to lose her job, continues with layoffs in related industries when companies receive fewer orders for their goods and services coupled with higher costs which eventually may spiral out of control into a depression.

    The people that do not understand a healthy free market must be left alone as much as possible are the very same people that are blindly following Obama.

    So why the blindness? Can it be that Americans are now so disgusted with the government that any huckster with a glib tongue and empty promises can grab their attention?

    Can it be that thirty plus years of leftist education policy is coming home to roost (to use the hottest phrase of the season) and that Americans are no longer intelligent enough to understand Obama’s policies are heavily socialist and will lead us down a road that has failed everywhere it has been tried?

    Could it be that so many Americans have simply become socialists or bought into the lie that government is there to take care of us?

    Is it possible that so many Americans have bought into the multiculturalism that the left has shoved down our throats for the last thirty years?

    Whatever the reason for the blind faith so many people seem to have regarding Barack and his rhetoric of Change and Hope the fact remains that this movement is akin to a cult. Blind allegiance to nebulous promises and devotion to a magnetic personality who is all set to lead us, unquestioned and highly praised, into a socialist utopia is certain to destroy the last vestiges of freedom we possess.
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