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    Congresswoman Maxine Waters today showed her true colors (and those of the people that inhabit the socialist cesspool of the Democratic Party) by telling the man that runs Shell Oil that the government would run the oil companies in response to him pointing out the continuing inaction of Congress would assure us prices that would make five dollars a gallon look reasonable.

    Go check out the video at Hot Air.

    I wanted to send Congresswoman Waters an email, but I live outside of the 35th District so she doesn't want to hear from me, so I am leaving it below.

    Dear Congresswoman Waters,

    I wish to thank you profusely for showing your true colors with your verbal slip up in the hearings on gasoline prices. Your wonderful "mis-speak" by using the word "socializing" and the phrase "the government running all your companies" so perfectly shows you to be the socialist you are and demonstrates to all the attitudes of those within your party.

    To think that you have so much in common with such a charismatic and progressive leader like Hugo Chavez must make your chest swell with pride and give you hope that one day you too will be mentioned in history books in the same sentence with such luminaries as Chavez, Che Guevara and Chairman Mao.

    Keep up the great work, Dear Comrade. Power to the People.
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