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    Rick Moran from Right Wing Nut House has an article up at American Thinker about an article at the Huffpo (that radical leftist echo chamber of insanity started by arianna huffington) about how the obama campaign is actively not courting the vote of working class whites believing he doesn't need them and trying to guilt votes out of people by charging racism against those that stand against obama.

    Well...that's how I read it anyway.

    Let me tell you something. I am not racist. I don't believe one race is better than another or that some folks are, by virtue of race, imbued with better intelligence or abilities.I believe we are all created equal. The work that goes in after that is, for the most part what makes or breaks us. I believe that the culture one is raised in has a lot to do with whether one succeeds in life or not. Take a child of successful parents of any color, beat him and tell him every day that he is an idiot and worthless and he'll never amount to anything and you will get what you have asked for, i.e. a worthless idiot that won't amount to anything, and probably one with tendencies towards violence at that.

    Conversely take a child from a broken home, raise him with the best education one can afford, teach him manners and decency, instill in him a work ethic and compassion and chances are very good that you'll get a decent hard working person that tries to make his world a better place.

    Now, I don't dislike obama because he's black. I dislike obama because he's a socialist and will lead this country down a very dark path, one we may not recover from, one that will destroy our economy, steal our freedoms and make us all slaves to the state.

    Oh sure, we'll have public health care,m housing and food, but at what cost?

    When you force someone to do something for you against their will you take their liberty. When you use threat of force against a person to cause them to act in a way you see fit, you steal their freedom.

    Yes, we can nationalize health care, but if we do that, if everyone is on a government healthcare program then doctors will be forced to provide services at rates the government sets without recourse other than moving to another field, taking away the doctors choice in patients, thereby stealing their freedom to make a living as they choose.

    What's worse is that you and I will be forced to pay taxes to cover that healthcare, in essence being forced to subsidize the healthcare of other people, stealing our freedom to chose how to spend our money, the fruits of our labor.

    Taxes are theft, period. I have never voted for one single tax imposed on me. Yet there they are. I have never voted for one single fee I pay the government for various things they charge me for, yet there they are. I have never voted for one surcharge, levy, duty or tariff, they there they are. I have never in my life voted Yes on anything the government has asked me that would cause them to take more money from me, but there they are, passing one bill after another, snookering millions of gullible voters with "we need it for the children" or We need it for the environment" or whatever pet cause they are pushing this time around.

    And now obama is pushing along, planning almost a trillion in new taxes for programs we simply don't need, shouldn't have and the federal government shouldn't even be meddling with and his campaign has the balls to call those that don't support him racist?

    To hell with that.

    Let me posit a different slant on this whole mess.

    Those that support obama are dullards. Idiots. Morons. Cretins. The stupidest of the stupid, with attention spans of gnats, an addiction to feel good empty rhetoric and lacking a basic understanding of what being free truly means, hurtling us headlong into a socialist nightmare from which escape will be virtually impossible.

    Mark well these words dear reader. If Barack Hussein Obama wins the White House we are doomed. Freedom, economic prosperity, economic mobility, individual rights and the ability to succeed will be a dream of the past. We iwll be locked into a world where we are slaves of the state, working only to finance the never ending list of "rights" you will have under a socialist government that promises to take care of you from cradle to grave as long as you go along with them.
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