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    (edited, updated and reposted from Jan. 27th '05)

    ..while hammering away at insane commenters over at Raeds I was struck by the Muse of Truth. In response to American "sins", as the called them, I posted the following:

    (Feel free to hum the Battle Hymn of the Republic while reading this.)
    Open this link in a new window to hear the music

    In the last two and a half years a tyrant has been overthrown and radical islamists everywhere have flocked to iraq to martyr themsleves for a doomed, evil and wrongheaded cause.

    In the last two and a half years reconstruction has been hampered by attacks on iraqi infrastructure.

    In the last two and a half years more and more of saddams horrors and support for terrorists has been unearthed.

    In the last two and a half years America has lost more soldiers because of evil men that have decided they don't want peace.

    In the last two and a half years Free Elections have come to Iraq for the first time in modern history, giving a downtrodden nation of Courageous, Noble People Hope.

    In the last four years the world has seen that, as the Japanese said after 9-11, a sleeping dragon has been awakened. This Dragon was sleeping through the attacks on our Marine barracks, our embassies and even an American warship.

    Why did the Dragon sleep then? Because the Dragon understood that those people willingly put it all on the line to serve their beloved homeland. But once the war was brought into the Dragons den, the Dragon awoke with a snarl, hungry for Justice.

    Radical Islamic terrorists have brought this upon themselves. The Muslim community has brought this upon themselves. The moderates are afraid to speak out against the ones perpetrating this evil in the name of their religion. The Arab world refuses to help confront this problem, because many of them are fine with it and see no need to confront it as long as their cozy life is not affected by it.

    The Dragon is hungry and must be fed. The Dragon will feed upon its' enemies.

    It's enemies are radical islamic terrorists and those that support them.

    The Dragons' name is Freedom.
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