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    The highscool exit exam in California is too hard, so restrictions are being eased for students with disabilities, including physical disabilities, so that students that haven't mastered the exam yet wont have to take it to get their diploma if they are graduating in the 2006 class.

    I can understand the exam being changed, put off or even cancelled for students with learning disabilities, (a worrisome side note is that these good people will still be expected to get and hold jobs, even though they may not be capable of anything more than busing tables), but to change the exam for students that have purely physical disabilities shortchanges those students, telling them in effect, "your body is different, so we don't expect you to think either", and that is a sad state of affairs.

    I won't even touch on the idiocy of stopping the exams or making it easier because soem students have english as their second language. If you are going to live here, you should be expected to understand the language well enough to at least compete with highschool graduates. We are the only modern nation that doesn't demand immgrants speak, read and write in our common language well enough to make a living, and that must change.

    It is time for English to be recognized nationally as the standard language of The United States of America. The California Constitution states that english shallbe teh official language of the state, and even outlines teh right of citizens to sue the California government to enforce this provision, and that very item is in the works, but this movement needs to be national.

    The ability to drive on roads that have signs in english should be governed, in part, by the ability to read and understand thsoe signs correctly.

    The same goes for voting. Our candidates campaign in english, all of our mainstream news sources are in english, and official government business in conducted in english.

    It only makes sense to make english the official language of the U.S.

    In fact, since I am calling for a new movement, let's boil it down to its' bare essence;

    Assimilate Or Leave

    We can call it the AOL rule.

    I like's catchy, memorable and the acromyn is already in teh public conscienceness.

    Who's with me?
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