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    A big tip o' me tam goes to Ric at Release the Hounds, who was faster on the draw than I was covering these first two bits, and does a better job at it anyway.


    As I pointed out here the other day, when I asked if Google were an un-American company, Google has some funny ideas of what it means to be an "American company". A few days ago, they appeared to be fighting for the privacy rights of citizens by denying the Bush administration access to a list of search terms, but I believe they were simply acting in such a way as to anger the Bush administration, since google has a well earned reputation as a left leaning company.

    Today, as if to reinforce my belief that google is a company that is only concerned with a buck and is run by people that seem to be, at the core of things, against freedom in a broad sense and America in a more narrow sense, going right down to laser like intensity against republicans, I learn that Google has censored the internet so they could do business in China.

    Aren't they a bunch of good little commies at heart? How sweet.


    Now that Hamas, that terrorist group that isn't corrupt, at least according to Jimmy Carter, has garnered a significant portion of the seats in the palestinian parliament, can a full on honest terrorist state be far behind? When you have terrorists running a country are they still terrorists? Or are they simply hardline extremists? Where is the line?

    Given that the "palestinians" have had 50 years to make peace, and haven't, and that arabs have pretty much, for the last several centuries, been making war against the Jews, or each other when their isn't a Jew handy, and keeping in mind the fact that Hamas has already said they won't recognize Israels right to exist, I don't give Hamas a snowmans chance is islamic paradise for being recognized as a legitimate government entity.

    I do give them high odds for finally goading the west into an all out war with arabs in general, islam in particular and Hamas specifically. Good luck to them. With just over six billion people and close to a quarter of them muslim, that leaves it 3-1 against at the start of many people do you really think will flock to the side of an ideology that hearkens back to the 8th century, takes away womens rights and brings with it hardcore, oppressive, religious fundamentalism?

    So go ahead Hamas.....keep poking the bear...or, in this case, the Eagle.....don't be surprised when his talons rip your face off though....and don't say you weren't warned.


    So Kerry is calling for a filibuster of Alito, huh? I wrote earlier today:

    So much for the agreement to not filibuster judicial nominees….or was that agreement only good for so long?

    I say use the nuclear option….this will, like everything else the dems have tried lately, (remember Murtha’s bag’o'crud he flung around?), backfire on them, with after effects that are, to those on the right, entertaining, and those one the left, devastating.

    Every single day the dems do yet one more thing to aid in their decline from power… is getting to the point that resuscitation may be an impossibility, which in the grand scheme of things would actually be bad, as we need two parties, but better to have one party that will defend us, than two parties and have one of them actually be an enemy to our safety and freedom…buh-bye-dhimmicrats!!!!
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