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    From an investment standpoint Tyson foods is sucking wind, having posted a 92% drop in profits due to rising feed costs. That would be why Claymore Advisors Llc dropped all of their Tyson stock.

    If you have Tyson stock you would probably be wise to drop it, or if you are invested in a fund that has it maybe you should write a letter and ask if they are going to continue to hold Tyson stick and if so, maybe, just maybe you should tell them the little story below and explain to them that dropping the stock would be the patriotic thing to do.

    You see, Tyson's chicken processing plant employees about 1200 people, 700 of whom are muslim, which means (just so we are clear) about 500 are not. Tyson, in their new union contract, has dropped Labor Day as a paid day off, which incidentally is the reason it was started, to give the working man a day off, and replaced it with Eid-Al-Fitr, the Muslim Holy Day which falls at the end of Ramadan, the Muslim Holy Month of Fasting.

    Islam is on a quest for world domination and where they cannot get it by force they are going for a gradual take over. Once they reach a large enough percentage they get violent and start making ever more outrageous demands.

    Now, I don't begrudge the muslims their religious holiday, but Tyson has taken away a time honored American Tradition and replaced it with one from a group of newcomers who, apparently, are not assimilating into our culture.

    Call it multiculturalism run amok. Again.

    Tyson foods is wrong to drop Labor Day in favor of Eid-Al-Fitr and would be wrong even if their work force were 100% muslim. This is an American tradition, and if immigrants cannot assimilate into our culture they should rethink their residency and perhaps return from whence they came and stop taking away our culture and forcing theirs upon us.

    So drop your Tyson stock, and maybe refuse to buy their chicken. Let's send Tyson a message. This is America, we already have a culture, thank you very much and until you understand this fact and act accordingly you can just sell your chicken to someone else.

    I am Kender and I approve this message.
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