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    Before I get into this post in more detail, I must say that not only are traditional values under attack in the MSM, such as newspapers, TV and radio, but men in general are under attack for simply being men, and nowhere is this more apparent than in advertising.

    It seems that almost every commercial I see these days that portray a couple will invariably show the man being overweight and somewhat bumbling while the woman is fit and on the ball. Another point which I will not get into today is that these guys are almost always white guys. I have seen only one commercial where the boneheaded man isn't white, and that was a pizza commercial. But the man was still portrayed as a foolish caricature of a man.

    The only exceptions to that rule are commercials where the man is in underwear or hawking some sexual enhancment pill.

    Now we have this;
    "The Leo Burnett advertising agency, which created the iconic macho cowboy, said a new study it conducted found that half the men in most parts of the world don't know what is expected of them in society and three-quarters of them think images of men in advertising are out of touch with reality."
    First off I think that half of the men are just wusses that have been brainwashed into thinking that what the MSM says is gospel. As for the three quarters that think advertising is out of touch with reality I must count myself in their numbers.

    It is out of touch with reality. And this next statement proves it.
    "Most ads have lumped men into one of two groups -- the soft, caring type known as "metrosexuals," who are comfortable with facial peels and pink shirts, or the stereotypical "retrosexuals," who remain oafishly addicted to beer and sports."
    Basically those are the two groups, but I must take major exception to the use of the term "retrosexuals" and the characterization of these men being "oafishly addicted to beer and sports".

    First off I like beer and sports. In fact if it weren't for sports the only thing a man would ever wonder is what is in the fridge.

    Let me clarify that statement. I used to say that if it weren't for women and sports then we would just wonder what is in the fridge.

    But then it occured to me that to a man, especially a single man, women ARE a sport. Think about it. What is a sport?

    A sport is a contest......a contest to see who is better at something, some skill or talent. How does that make women a sport you ask?


    When a man is single it is the man with the hottest or coolest girl on his arm that "wins" the game of wenching. Of course the guy with the girl that isn't all that hot or is a bit too bitchy will say "she has a great personality" or "she is a madwoman in bed" or whatever will make you look better in front of your guys, but it still boils down to who has the hottest girl.

    Another measure of prowess in the sport of wenching that goes right along with quality is quantity. It is a measure of you with your crew as to how hot and how many lasses you can bed. I can't explain the scoring system here, as it is against the "Rules of the Club", but suffice it to say that is complex and can vary according to circumstances and lobbying by the affected parties.

    Now here is the part of the article that really made me pissy.
    ""As the world is drifting toward a more feminine perspective, many of the social constructs men have taken for granted are undergoing significant shifts or being outright dismantled," said Tom Bernardin, chairman and chief executive of Leo Burnett Worldwide"
    Now we must ask ourselves just WHY is the world taking on such a feminine perspective?

    I blame the women's libbers.

    Once you women were treated as the flowers you are, or rather can be, and were protected, cared for and worshiped. This went on since time immemorial.

    Then along came women's lib.

    And suddenly you wanted to be treated equal. You wanted the same prospects as men, the same job opportunities, the same considerations for everything.

    What you forgot was that men and women are different, with different roles in the grand scheme of things. Now after 30+ years of "equality" what do we have?

    A generation or two of men that have no idea about how to BE a man. No idea of HOW to treat a woman. And trust me on this, treating a woman is like handling a fine thoroughbred. One must be firm but gentle, knowing when to caress and soothe with caring words and when to let loose with the whip.

    These "metrosexuals" that go all soft at the first few bars of a love ballad and can yak for hours about the virtues of some "products" ability to hold your "hairstyle" in place after a 12 hour workday have nothing on a real man.

    Women SAY they want a man that is sensitive, but go cry in front of them and see how fast you become "friend" material.

    Women want a man that is "sensitive" to her moods, without giving up that strength that inherently comes with being a real man.

    Remember in the late 80's how Alan Alda was hailed as the "new man", caring and sensitive and willing to cry with a woman?

    Uh-huh, that lasted didn't it?

    You can go read the rest of the article here,
    but I warn you, if you are a real man it may piss you off.

    But that's OK...Real Men have no problem with getting angry.

    Crossposted at Cao's
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