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    My "I met you online" cherry that is. Yes, I went flying around L.A. this weekend, hanging out and getting drunk, on the air, with Brian Travis and my morning show cohort, Da' Guru, catching some great music at a club, and generally having a kick-ass L.A. kinda' weekend. Sunday afternoon I made it out to Crystal Clear Country to finally meet one of our illustrious colleagues at The Wide Awakes.

    It was way cool. I only wish we coulda' stayed longer and had a few more beers. (Yes Ogre, you missed out on the beer.) Her Dad was there helping out, but being very camera shy, no pic of him. I sent the rest of the pics on to crystal, so you may even see me posted up there.

    Crystal, it was awesome meeting someone so clear thinking and amazing to boot. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality, the beer and the camaraderie (sp?) all around.

    I had a great weekend. I shot out to Crystals to say hi and bye and see you someday in Paradise. Someone was a bit camera shy here. Aint they cute? Posted by Hello
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