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    I know that I am on the "other side of the street" on this issue from my fellow thinkers out here in cyberspace, but I cannot shake what my grandfather once told me;

    "Son, burning the flag is wrong, but you have the right to be wrong, and if we take away someone else's right to be wrong, then you lose your right to be wrong, and that just aint right." Grandpa

    Yet again today this occured;

    "The House today approved, for the sixth time since 1995, a constitutional amendment that would allow Congress to prohibit the desecration of the American flag. It now goes to the Senate, which has twice rejected similar proposals. This year, however, the odds may be changing."

    This worries me. Every soldier that has ever fought for this country has fought to give us the Freedom to do something as vile as burning the flag.

    It isn't right (IMO) and it hurts to see it done, but from the newest recruit to the oldest veteran, our right to show dissent, in a peaceful maner, has been secured by those that have served, and died, for this country.

    To those that have ever burned the flag in protest, I hold you in contempt. You are a plague on the morale of our country. However, you have a right to burn that flag, just like I have a right to despise you for it.

    At the same time you have served a purpose. You have shown the world what Freedom truly is. Let someone burn a Chinese flag in Tianamen Square and see if that person walks away.

    I think not.

    You that burn our symbol of Freedom are simply uniting those that love this country and this flag, and those that do so simply mark themselves that much better as the enemy of this country so that we know who it is we fight against.

    Much like your words, your actions mark you, and I may not agree with them, but I will defend you right to say and act that way, understanding that Freedom has a cost, and that cost is not always counted in treasure or blood, but rather in actions that are harmless to life, limb and property yet show dissatisfaction.

    For the whole story go here.

    Crossposted at Cao's
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